1st Edition

Exploring Anne Frank and Difficult Life Stories

    240 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This volume, grounded in the “Diary of a Young Girl” and its continued appeal to readers of all ages, sees promise in the relevance of Anne Frank’s story in the 21st century, and potential for new ways of teaching her story and those of other genocides and human right violations. Drawing connections from Anne Frank with these other cases clarifies the distinct nature of the Holocaust, and we build on the fact that the diary touches areas of deep interest, especially to young people, and that it has been read as a monument to resisting hate, which is itself a prerequisite for educating citizens of more diverse and inclusive societies. The diverse contributors to this volume illustrate how rich the ongoing engagement with Anne Frank and her legacy remain.

    List of Contributors


    1. Kirsten Kumpf Baele and Doyle Stevick

    Teaching Anne Frank and Difficult Life Stories


    Part 1. Anne Frank in the World


    2. amal kassir   

                  planting a tree today or arborists of the human spirit

    3. Ronald Leopold 

                  Let Me Be Myself: Teaching Anne Frank in the 21st Century

    4. Doyle Stevick  

                  One Anne Frank, Remembered


    Part 2. Teaching Anne Frank 


    5. Mark Gudgel

                  I feel Like Writing: Critical Context and the Legacy of Anne Frank in Education

    6. Rachel Conrad 

                  Anne  Frank as Author: On Remaking the Diary, Youth Authorship, and Crafting Time 

    7. Oren Baruch Stier  

                  The Virtual Anne Frank                                                                                                                                

    Part 3. Hearing Endangered Children


    8. Naomi Yavneh Klos 

                  In Quarantine with Anne Frank: Moving from Empathy to Compassion in a Global Pandemic

    9. Lorely French 

                  "It was really difficult for us to carry this entire story by ourselves": Ceija Stojka’s Stories as a Child Survivor of the Porajmos/Samudaripen

    10. Waltraud Maierhofer 

                  More Hidden Children: The Korean Film Silenced as/and Disability Rights Activism 


    Part 4. Storytelling, Service Learning and Religious Education


    11. Sofie Decock and Kirsten Kumpf Baele

                  Bridging Difficult Histories (G)locally: Embodied Pedagogy through Jewish Experiences of Hiding

    12. Archibald, Jo-ann/ Q’um Q’um Xiiem

                  Experiencing Truth and Reconciliation Through Indigenous Storywork  

    13. Wilhelm Schwendemann  

                  Prevention of Antisemitism and Racism as a Learning Outcome: Remembrance and Memory in German School Curricula




    14. Mallory Hellman   

                  Coexistences: The Holocaust and Jewish Joy, Israel/Palestine, and Teaching Jewish-American Children Through an International Crisis

    15. Theodore Rosengarten                   

                  “Let our eye look upon Zion”




    Waltraud Maierhofer is Professor of German and Global Health Studies at the University of Iowa. Her recent research and teaching address representations of reproductive and disability rights in German and global fiction and film. She's received Alexander von Humboldt awards and translated The Child Witches of Lucerne and Buchau (2022) by Swiss novelist Eveline Hasler.  

    Kirsten Kumpf Baele is the Anne Frank Initiative director and Associate Professor of Instruction in German at the University of Iowa. Her teaching and scholarship address youth agency, trees in the arts, and contested spaces. She is preparing a chapter for Homecoming Veterans in Literature and Culture: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Routledge-Warwick).

    Doyle Stevick is the Executive Director at the Anne Frank Center at the University of South Carolina.  He was a Fulbright scholar to Estonia in 2003 and 2013-14 and has co-edited two books on citizenship education and three books about Holocaust education around the world.