1st Edition

Exploring Cuba Erasing Fears through Multicultural Education

By Bette Tate-Beaver, Lewis W. Diuguid Copyright 2024
    224 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    224 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Exploring Cuba: Erasing Fears Through Multicultural Education details the cultural and professional exchanges to Cuba organized by the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME) between 2015 and 2019, with additional reflections on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Cuba—U.S. relations.

    Because of the long-imposed U.S. embargo, or blockade, access to information about life in Cuba can be limited in the U.S. This book chronicles first-hand account of NAME’s trips to Cuba over a 5-year period. Interspersed with insights from U.S.-based multicultural educators, authors and Cuban delegates, it documents what NAME members learned about Cuba’s people, history, health care system, culture, arts, and education systems. It also explores the effects of the coronavirus global pandemic on Cuba and its vital tourist industry, as well as the July 2021 protests and aftermath, including a new wave of immigration to the U.S. The book argues for the end of the U.S. embargo with Cuba and the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries, so that unrestricted tourism and trade can benefit both countries.

    Combining travelogue observations with statistics and scholarly accounts, this volume will be useful reading for scholars and students of Multicultural Education, International Education and Comparative Education. It will also be beneficial to educators and Cuba solidarity activists.

    Foreword  Introduction and Dedication: Bette Tate-Beaver, NAME’s Cuba Delegation Architect  1. Learning About Cuba, Step by Step  2. Embracing a Nation of "We" from a Country of "Me"  3. The Focus in Cuba is on Its People  4. Reading & Writing – Gifts of the Revolution  5. Cuba’s Ongoing Struggle Against Colonialism  Photo Section  6. Discovering Hidden Treasures in Cuba  7. When in Cuba, Live as the Cubans Do  8. Cuban Revolution’s Threat to Corporatocracy  9. Cubans’ Amazing Talents, Accomplishments  10. U.S. Embargo/Blockage of Cuba Must End  Afterword   References   Index


    Bette Tate-Beaver was the executive director of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). She led six "cultural and professional exchanges" of U.S. educators to Cuba throughout her career.

    Lewis W. Diuguid is a certified diversity facilitator, news media consultant, author, freelance writer and lecturer. He is a founding member, newsletter editor and treasurer of the Kansas City Association of Black Journalists.

    "Like all of Lewis W. Diuguid’s writings, "Exploring Cuba" is fire — a jazzy embrace, an easy-to-read flight. Diuguid’s partnership with educator–activist Bette Tate-Beaver invites readers to join their anti-racist delegations to Cuba, bringing a critical multicultural education lens to U.S.-Cuba relations, offering hope through international collaborations and the joy of Cuban cultural sustenance. Join Tate-Beaver and Diuguid as they meander through Cuban streets, illustrate revolutionary histories, sit next to children in schools, dance in late-night jazz cafes, and capture both the impacts of ongoing U.S. racism, and ways of transforming toward love. Required reading for the revolution." — Christopher B. Knaus, Professor, University of Washington Tacoma, USA, and Professor Extraordinarius, University of South Africa.

    "An insightful and extraordinary insider’s journal of life and culture in present-day Cuba. The authors take you on a journey that debunks many of the myths, misinformation, and stereotypes that are the typical fodder fed to the American masses by the U.S. media. The history, perspectives, and experiences described in exceptionally detailed prose are based on extensive research and well-planned collaborations between U.S. educators representing the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) and Cubans from many walks of life. Readers gain insights into an authentic Cuba that most of the world will never experience firsthand." — Dr. Ludwig "Ludy" van Broekhuizen, NAME President-elect.

    "Reading the chapters of this book, renewed my memories of the extraordinary experiences I had in Cuba. Lewis’s eloquent descriptive writing of the Cuba people, their poor living conditions escalated by the US embargo, and their culture enthralls the reader to look forward to the next chapter. This book presents an even keel perspective of a journalist who visited Cuba six times from 2015 to 2019 with his partner, Bette Tate-Beaver, and representatives of NAME. Anyone interested in the status quo of Cuba will find this book a very good read." — H. Prentice Baptiste, Past NAME President, Regents and Distinguished Achievement Professor at Health, Education and Social Transformation College, New Mexico State University, USA.

    "Extraordinary. Educational. Provocative. Written with quiet passion, this book takes the reader on a journey behind the curtain that obscures the truth about Cuba. Focusing on the people, the government, and multiculturalism, Diuguid candidly dispels many myths and misconceptions about life in a country that has been vilified by the United States for decades." — Gwendolyn Grant, President and CEO, Urban League of Greater Kansas City.

    "As an educator, this book reminded me of the passion for literacy, critical thinking, and honest self-reflection that brought me to the classroom in the first place through Teach for America. Not only does this book capture, with delicate richness and care, the vividness of Cuba as a national community, it shatters the entrenched and antiquated Cold War philosophies of our neighbors passed down from an earlier generation. Part history, part journal, Lewis W. Diuguid chooses warmth in his retelling of how the dynamic partnership between he and Bette Tate-Beaver, forged by love and fortified by learning, created an experience that changed the lives of many, myself included." — Nadia Nibbs, Midwest Regional Senior Manager of Academics with TNTP Inc.

    "Exploring Cuba: Erasing Fears through Multicultural Education presents an authentic view of a country that has been vilified by many in the U.S. The stories told in this book connect the past with the present and hopefully, provide a path to a meaningful future." — Earnest L. Perry Jr., Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Missouri School of Journalism, USA.

    "This powerful, heart filled, treasure gifts the reader with a deep understanding of the complex, untold history of Cuba from a very personal and up-close perspective. The authors' passion, love and dedication for exploring, understanding and sharing this about a nation of "We" to an audience so unfamiliar with the truth will transform the readers' relationship with Cuba forever." — Krista McAtee, NAME Board Member & Love in Education Leader.

    "An inspiring book representative of varied relationships and critical moments. A true description of how partnerships and collaborations create space for truth, growth, and evolution inspired by revolutionary spirit." — Brandon L. Fox, Associate Professor

    Department of Teacher Education and Social Work, Middle Georgia State University, USA.

    "Throughout history, tensions existed between Cuba and the United States, and in this book, Lewis W. Diuguid provides an exploration of this relationship interwoven with personal stories, accurate historical details, equitable education, and authentic conversations between U.S. and Cuban citizens. The author illustrates the connections and differences between the two countries that could facilitate new perspectives and ameliorate the relations. This book comes at a crucial time and will interest a variety of audiences." — Susan V. Bennett, Region 3 Director at National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME); Associate Professor, Literacy Studies at University of South Florida–St. Petersburg Campus, USA.