1st Edition

Exploring Education Studies

By Vivienne Walkup Copyright 2011
    468 Pages
    by Routledge

    468 Pages
    by Routledge

    'This book is to be commended for its accessible style and approach, and is a valuable resource for students in the early stages of their Education undergraduate programme.'

    Charlotte Barrow, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Central Lancashire

    'Clearly set out, coherent and accessible for all students on Education Studies courses. It reflects accurately current issues and concerns in Education Studies. A valuable addition to the literature, with a focus on progressive ideas in education.'

    Dr John Rees, Sheffield Hallam University

    Exploring Education Studies is a rich and multi-layered investigation of the world of education. Built around four central themes - history and philosophy, psychology, current policy, and new perspectives in education - the author's lively discussions capture the essence of this diverse subject area.

    Step beyond the classroom

    Exploring Education Studies leads the way by offering a range of features to support your learning:

    Within the Learning Situation - practical examples put a spotlight on theory in practice, in a variety of educational settings

    Controversies - discussion boxes tackling thorny issues, and showing two (or more) sides of the debate

    Case Studies - two unique case studies in each chapter illustrate the complex realities of modern educational practice

    History of Education - easy-to-read summaries that provide subject background for all chapters

    Take control

    Exploring Education Studies provides all the tools you need to develop your own ideas with confidence:

    Stop & Reflect - questions to get you to reflect your own experiences in education

    Connect and Explore - pushes you further by providing links to the latest research and policy

    Activities - tasks and challenges providing practical learning opportunities, to be completed individually or as part of a group

    Part 1 THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHIES OF EDUCATION 1 A history of education 2 Teaching, learning and the National Curriculum 3 Alternative schooling Part 2 THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LEARNING 4 The psychology of learning and education5 Understanding and managing the behaviour of learners6 Communication and change: transactional analysis and cognitive behaviourial theory Part 3 CONTEMPORARY POLICIES AND DEBATES IN EDUCATION 7 Contemporary education policies and issues8 Lifelong learning9 The inclusion debate and special educational needs (SEN) Part 4 NEW PERSPECTIVE 10 Literacy learning in a postmodern world11 Engaging with innovative practice12 International education


    Dr Vivienne Walkup is a senior lecturer and Assistant Head of Education Studies at the University of Derby. She is the co-author, with Anita Woolfolk and Malcolm Hughes, of Psychology in Education, also published by Pearson Education.