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Exploring Medicinal Plants

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Medicinal plants render a rich source of bioactive compounds used in drug formulation and development; they play a key role in traditional or indigenous health systems. As the demand for herbal medicines increases worldwide, supply is declining as most of the harvest is derived from naturally growing vegetation. Considering global interests and covering several important aspects associated with medicinal plants, the Exploring Medicinal Plants series comprises volumes valuable to academia, practitioners, and researchers interested in medicinal plants. Topics provide information on a range of subjects including diversity, conservation, propagation, cultivation, physiology, molecular biology, growth response under extreme environment, handling, storage, bioactive compounds, secondary metabolites, extraction, therapeutics, mode of action, and healthcare practices.

Led by Azamal Husen, PhD, this series is directed to a broad range of researchers and professionals consisting of topical books exploring information related to medicinal plants. It includes edited volumes, references, and textbooks available for individual print and electronic purchases.

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Traditional Herbal Therapy for the Human Immune System

Traditional Herbal Therapy for the Human Immune System

1st Edition


Edited By Azamal Husen
October 27, 2021

Drawing on indigenous and scientific knowledge of medicinal plants, Traditional Herbal Therapy for the Human Immune System presents the protective and therapeutic potential of plant-based drinks, supplements, nutraceuticals, synergy food, superfoods, and other products. Medicinal plants and their ...

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