1st Edition

Exploring Teacher Recruitment and Retention Contextual Challenges from International Perspectives

Edited By Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Rowena Passy Copyright 2021
    262 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    262 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This thought-provoking collection examines the challenge of teacher shortages that is of international concern. It presents multiple perspectives, and explores the commonalities and differences in approaches from around the world to understand possible solutions for the current teacher workforce crisis.

    Acknowledging that solutions to attract and retain teachers vary by country, region and in some cases locality, the contributors scrutinise a range of workforce planning interventions at local and government level, including financial incentives and early career support.

    The book draws on different perspectives to understand a range of problems that negatively affect teacher recruitment and retention, unpicking key challenges, including links between the disadvantages of location and access to teachers for coastal and rural schools, rising pupil numbers, declining school budgets and the role of professional learning in raising teacher status.

    Abundant in critiques, research-informed positions and context-specific discussions about the impact of teacher workforce supply and shortages, this book will be valuable reading for teacher educators, educational leaders, education policy makers and academics in the field.


    Rowena Passy and Tanya Ovenden-Hope

    Part 1: Perspectives on Teacher Recruitment and Retention in England

    Chapter 1: Shortages, what shortages? Exploring school workforce supply in England

    John Howson

    Chapter 2: The recruitment and retention of teachers in England

    James Noble-Rogers

    Chapter 3: Why are teachers leaving teaching in England?

    Georgina Newton

    Chapter 4: A high status, research-informed profession: The foundation for successful teacher recruitment and retention?

    Linda la Velle, Alexandra Kendall

    Chapter 5: RETAIN: A research-informed model of continuing professional development for early career teacher retention

    Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Sonia Blandford, Tim Cain, Bronwen Maxwell

    Chapter 6: Understanding the contribution of professional communities of practice in education technology in influencing teacher recruitment and retention

    Sarah Younie, Christina Preston

    Chapter 7: Understanding school context in coastal communities

    Lucy Stokes, Jake Anders, Michele Bernini, Helen Gray

    Chapter 8: Understanding the challenges of teacher recruitment and retention for ‘educationally isolated’ schools in England

    Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Rowena Passy

    Chapter 9: Sense-making of educational policy and workforce supply for small schools in England

    Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Ian Luke

    Part 2: Perspectives on Teacher Recruitment and Retention Internationally

    Chapter 10: Professional learning and recruitment and retention – What global regions can tell us

    Philippa Cordingley, Bart Crisp

    Chapter 11: How to recruit and retain teachers in hard-to-staff areas: A systematic review of the empirical evidence

    Beng Huat See, Stephen Gorard, Rebecca Morris, Nada el-Soufi

    Chapter 12: Teacher recruitment and retention in Canada: Programmes for teacher selection, support and success

    Shirley Van Nuland, Catherine Whalen, Elizabeth Majocha

    Chapter 13: High school teacher retention: Solutions in the Chinese context

    Honggang Liu, Zongqiang Li

    Chapter 14: Teacher shortage and teacher surplus: Jewish vs. Arab educational sectors in Israel

    Smadar Donitsa-Schmidt, Ruth Zuzovsky

    Chapter 15: Stemming the tide: A critical examination of issues, challenges and solutions to Jamaican teacher migration

    Carol Hordatt Gentles

    Chapter 16: Suggestions from national-level actors on how to handle retention and attrition of teachers: A case study from Sweden

    Laila Niklasson

    Chapter 17: The challenges of staffing schools in a cosmopolitan nation: Rethinking the recruitment and retention of teachers in Australia through a spatial lens

    Philip Roberts, Natalie Downes


    Tanya Ovenden-Hope and Rowena Passy


    Tanya Ovenden-Hope is Provost and Professor of Education at Plymouth Marjon University. She has three decades experience as a teacher, teacher educator, senior leader and educational researcher. Her research focuses on identifying and finding solutions for inequity in education.

    Rowena Passy is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth. She has a wide range of research interests that focus on understanding and improving different aspects of our children’s education.

    "Ovenden-Hope and Passy draw on expertise from across the globe to provide a timely and comprehensive exploration of contextual challenges associated with isolation, teacher recruitment and retention. Part I explores a range of perspectives on recruitment and retention of teachers in England. The authors raise critical questions about shortages and workforce supply in England. Readers will enjoy the well-crafted critiques, research informed positions, and context-specific discussions about the impact of teacher workforce supply and shortages in England. Part II of the book expands the context contributions to include international perspectives on teacher recruitment and retention. The addition of international authors results in a mix of new challenges and challenges common to all the settings described in both parts of the book. Readers will benefit from learning about the similarities and differences in the language and approaches used across the globe to describe and address issues in teacher recruitment, preparation and retention. All readers will find much to stimulate their thinking on teacher supply issues. The breadth of topics and the geographic reach of contexts will provoke both connection and disruption. Ovenden-Hope and Passy have provided us with a rich mix of authors who help us think more clearly about the contextual challenges associated with global teacher recruitment and retention."

    Professor James O’Meara, Dean College of Education, Texas A&M International University, President, International Council on Education for Teaching, US Focal Point, International Taskforce on Teachers for Education 2030