1st Edition

Exploring Teachers in Fiction and Film Saviors, Scapegoats and Schoolmarms

Edited By Melanie Shoffner Copyright 2016
    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book about teachers as characters in popular media examines what can be learned from fictional teachers for the purposes of educating real teachers. Its aim is twofold: to examine the constructed figure of the teacher in film, television and text and to apply that examination in the context of teacher education. By exploring the teacher construct, readers are able to consider how popular fiction and film have influenced society’s understandings and views of classroom teachers.

    Organized around four main themes—Identifying with the Teacher Image; Constructing the Teacher with Content; Imaging the Teacher as Savior; The Teacher Construct as Commentary—the chapters examine the complicated mixture of fact, stereotype and misrepresentation that create the image of the teacher in the public eye today. This examination, in turn, allows teacher educators to use popular culture as curriculum. Using the fictional teacher as a text, preservice—and practicing—teachers can examine positive and negative (and often misleading) representations of teachers in order to develop as teachers themselves.




    Robert Bulman


    Part I: Introduction

    Melanie Shoffner


    Part II: Identifying with the Teacher Image

    1. Looking into the mirror of erised: Transacting with Representations of Hogwarts’ Teachers and Pedagogy

    Dawan Coombs

    Jonathan Ostenson

    2. Playing the role of teacher: Using film to explore teacher identities

    Sheryl Long

    Carol A. Pope

    3. The Role of the Teacher, Real and Imagined

    Jason Whitney

    4. Coming of age in the classroom: Representations of teachers in the short fiction of Toni Cade Bambara and Sandra Cisneros

    Rodrigo Joseph Rodríguez

    5. From content literate to pedagogically content literate: Teachers as tools for social justice

    Nalova Westbrook

    6. (Re)Imagining life in the classroom: Inciting dialogue through an examination of teacher- student relationships in film

    Mark A. Lewis

    Ian Parker Renga


    Part III: Constructing the Teacher with Content

    7. Teacher images in Young Adult literature: Pedagogical implications for English preservice teachers

    Benjamin Boche

    8. Why Teach Mathematics?: Values Underlying Mathematics Teaching in Feature Films

    Amanda Jansen

    Charles Hohensee

    9. I teach Jim and Jane; I don't teach gym

    Carol A. Smith

    10. What does it mean to be literate? Examining school film teachers and their literacy values with preservice teachers

    Shelbie Witte

    11. The hidden curriculum in Room 10: School mythology and professional identity negotiation in the Miss Malarkey picture book series

    Sarah Fischer


    Part IV: Imaging the Teacher as Savior

    12. Moving beyond the teacher savior: Education films, teacher identity and public discourse

    Carey Applegate

    13. Revisionist films: Detaching from teacher as hero/savior

    Chea Parton

    14. Deconstructing a new teacher savior: Paladins and politics in Won’t Back Down

    Ashley Boyd

    15. Chalk: Overwriting the savior narrative

    Walter E. Squire

    Part V: The Teacher Construct as Commentary

    16. Films, governmentality and agency in the struggle over reading education

    Patrick Shannon

    17. Why Bad Teacher is a bad movie and where the real crisis is: Implications for teachers and teacher education

    J. Patrick McGrail

    Ewa McGrail

    18. Preparing Teachers in the Time of Superman: The Accountability Narrative of Education Documentaries

    Christian Z. Goering

    Jen S. Dean

    Brandon Flammang

    19. No human left behind:Falling Skies and the role of the pedagogue in the post-apocalypse

    Jeff Spanke

    List of Contributors


    Melanie Shoffner is Associate Professor of English Education, Purdue University, USA.