1st Edition

Facing the Challenges of a Multi-Age Workforce A Use-Inspired Approach

    408 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    408 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Facing the Challenges of a Multi-Age Workforce examines the shifting economic, cultural, and technological trends in the modern workplace that are taking place as a result of the aging global workforce. Taking an international perspective, contributors address workforce aging issues around the world, allowing for productive cross-cultural comparisons. Chapters adopt a use-inspired approach, with contributors proposing solutions to real problems faced by organizations, including global teamwork, unemployed youth, job obsolescence and over-qualification, heavy emotional labor and physically demanding jobs, and cross-age perceptions and communication. Additional commentaries from sociologists, gerontologists, economists, and scholars of labor and government round out the volume and demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of this important topic.

    Part I: Overview

    1. An Introduction to Facing the Challenges of a Multi-Age Workforce: A Use-Inspired Approach Lisa M. Finkelstein, Donald M. Truxillo, Franco Fraccaroli, and Ruth Kanfer

    Part II: Science Confronts the Global Challenges

    Issue One: Organizations and Teams Go Global

    2. Age Diversity and Global Teamwork: A Future Agenda for Researchers and Practitioners Florian Kunze and Stephan A. Boehm
    3. Human Resource Management and Sustainability at Work across the Life-span: An Integrative Perspective Annet H. De Lange, Dorien T. A. M. Kooij, and Beatrice I. J. M. Van der Heijden

    Issue Two: Patterns of Employment and Unemployment

    4. The Challenge of Building Human Capital and Benefiting from It: A Person-centric View of Youth Unemployment and Underemployment José M. Peiró, Ana Hernández, and José Ramos

    5. The Aging Workforce and the Demands of Work in the 21st Century Margaret E. Beier

    6. Work Ability and Aging Juhani Ilmarinen and Ville Ilmarinen

    Issue Three: Challenges Facing Specific Workforce Sectors

    7. The Implications of Changes in Job Demands for the Continued and Future Employment of Older Workers Sara J. Czaja, Joesph Sharit, Neil Charness, and Andrew A. Schmidt

    8. Aging and Emotional Labor Processes James Diefendorff, Jennifer Tehan Stanley, and Allison S. Gabriel

    Issue Four: Practical Workplace Changes and Challenges

    9. Workplace Intervention Effectiveness Across the Lifespan Keith L. Zabel and Boris B. Baltes

    10. To Stay or to Leave: Motivations and Decisions of Bridge Employment on Retirement Yujie Zhan and Mo Wang

    Issue Five: Age Differences and Discrimination

    11. Intergenerational Perceptions and Conflicts in Multi-Age and Multigenerational Work Environments Cort W. Rudolph and Hannes Zacher

    12. A Comparison of EEO Law on Workforce Aging across English Speaking Countries Arthur Gutman and Eric Dunleavy

    Part III: Multidisciplinary Viewpoints

    13. How Individuals Navigate Social Mobility: Managing Capacities and Opportunities in Careers across Adulthood Jutta Heckhausen and Jacob Shane

    14. Labor Force Transitions in Late Life: Between Agency and Structure Kène Henkens

    15. Optimizing Older Workforces Laura L. Carstensen, Michaela E. Beals, and Martha Deevy

    Part IV: Editor Viewpoints

    16. Employment Transitions in Later Adulthood Ruth Kanfer

    17. An Aging Workforce: The Contribution of Work, Industrial, and Organizational Psychology Franco Fraccaroli

    18. Developing "Best Practices" for Organizations: A Gap in the Current Aging Research Donald M. Truxillo

    19. Now That We Know What…How? Lisa Finkelstein


    Lisa M. Finkelstein is Professor of Psychology at Northern Illinois University, USA.

    Donald M. Truxillo is Professor of Psychology at Portland State University, USA.

    Franco Fraccaroli is Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at University of Trento, Italy.

    Ruth Kanfer is Professor of Psychology at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

    "This latest addition to the Frontier Series is an important step forward in consolidating what we know about an increasingly age-diverse workplace, and offering guidance about what we need to do to develop applicable, effective organizational strategies and interventions. Finkelstein, Truxillo, Fraccaroli, and Kanfer offer a volume rich in detail, and comprehensive in scope – and one that cuts through much of the generational stereotyping prevalent in the popular press." - Jerry W. Hedge, RTI International, USA

    "This innovative, interdisciplinary volume brings together the top scholars in the field to tackle one of the world’s most pressing challenges, issues associated with an aging and age-diverse workforce. Taking a global perspective, the volume informs our basic understanding of the issues while also highlighting how that information can best be used. The vision of the editors has resulted in a masterful volume that will be an outstanding resource to researchers and managers in organizations charged with managing a diverse workforce." - Tammy Allen, University of South Florida, USA

    "This Frontiers volume brings together a highly regarded cast of authors who do an excellent job of representing both international and interdisciplinary perspectives on the implications of an aging and increasingly age-diverse workforce. I was impressed by the use-inspired approach that the editors adopted in this volume. It has produced an interesting and complementary collection of forward-looking chapters that offer real food for thought to both researchers and practitioners as they consider how to move forward in understanding and addressing these issues." - Janet L. Barnes-Farrell, University of Connecticut, USA