1st Edition

Failure Analysis of Composite Materials with Manufacturing Defects

By Ramesh Talreja Copyright 2024
    280 Pages 228 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In contrast to metals, a composite material acquires an internal structure where the imprint of its manufacturing process history is a significant part of the internal structure’s makeup and in many cases determines how the material responds to external impulses. The performance for which a composite material is designed must therefore be assessed with due consideration to the manufacturing-induced features in the material volume. Failure theories based on homogenized composites cannot deliver reliable methodologies for performance assessment. This book details approaches that depart from traditional treatments by accounting for manufacturing defects in composite materials. It discusses how manufacturing defects are produced and how they affect the performance of composite materials.

    • Serves as the only book to bring knowledge on manufacturing and failure modeling together in a coherent manner.
    • Guides readers on mechanisms-based modeling with a focus on defects.
    • Treats statistical simulation of microstructure with defects aimed at physical modeling.
    • Covers manufacturing methods for polymer matrix composites.
    • Describes failure modes in unidirectional composites and laminates in the presence of defects.
    • Discusses fatigue damage in the presence of defects.

    This book is aimed at researchers in industry and academia in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, and materials science and engineering. It also serves as a reference for students taking advanced courses in composite materials.

    1. A Manufacturing Sensitive Design Strategy. 2. Manufacturing Methods for Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs). 3. Quantification of Manufacturing Defects.4.  Microstructural Descriptors. 5 . Failure in Unidirectional Composites in the Presence of Defects. 6. Failure in Laminates in the Presence of Defects. 7. Fatigue Damage in the Presence of Defects. 8. Failure Modeling. 9. Modeling of Fatigue Damage in the Presence of Defects.


    Ramesh Talreja is Tenneco Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University. From 1991 to 2001, he was Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. His research is in composite materials, which he began at the Technical University of Denmark where he earned his PhD in Solid Mechanics in 1974 and was endowed with a Doctor of Technical Sciences degree in 1985 on his collected works on fatigue and damage mechanics of composites. His recent work has focused on the effects of manufacturing defects on the performance of advanced composites.

    Prof. Talreja has published extensively in the composite materials field. He is the recipient of the 2013 ICCM (International Committee on Composite Materials) Scala Award and World Fellow and Life Member of ICCM. The American Society for Composites selected him for the 2017 Outstanding Researcher Award.