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Fashion Sociologies

About the Series

The Fashion Sociologies book series speaks acutely and creatively to both fashion studies and sociology. It aims to make advances in the sociology of fashion, and sociology in general, clear to the broad community of fashion studies scholars worldwide. At the same time, it aims to showcase fresh thinking and research innovations in fashion studies to sociology and sociologists worldwide. This series stimulates and exhibits the productive synergies which arise when fashion and sociology are brought into explicit dialogue with each other.

Series Editor:

Anna-Mari Almila, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

For proposal submissions please reach out to Series Editor Anna-Mari Almila at [email protected] or Routledge Commissioning Editor Emily Briggs at [email protected]

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Fashion, Upcycling, and Memory A Practice-Based Approach

Fashion, Upcycling, and Memory: A Practice-Based Approach

1st Edition

By Sanem Odabaşı
February 06, 2024

Fashion, Upcycling, and Memory questions practices and explores its profound connection to memory and sustainability. Through a practice-based researcher lens, the research examines the intricate interplay between upcycling and memory, unveiling assemblages of concepts, objects, and values that ...

Fashion’s Transnational Inequalities Socio-Political, Economic, and Environmental

Fashion’s Transnational Inequalities: Socio-Political, Economic, and Environmental

1st Edition

Edited By Anna-Mari Almila, Serkan Delice
October 13, 2023

This book explores the evolving relationship between fashion and transnational capitalism. It examines the inequalities and injustices that this relationship embodies and engenders within the interconnected domains of production, consumption, labour, and environmental ethics. It also considers ...

Drinks in Vogue Exploring the Changing Worlds of Fashions and Beverages

Drinks in Vogue: Exploring the Changing Worlds of Fashions and Beverages

1st Edition

Edited By David Inglis, Hang Kei Ho
September 28, 2023

How do fashions in drinks work, and how are drinks fashions related to changing trends in clothes and apparel? These twin questions are posed and answered by the book Drinks in Vogue. Taking a radically cross-disciplinary set of perspectives and ranging far and wide across time and space, the book ...

Bulletproof Fashion Security, Emotions, and the Fortress Body

Bulletproof Fashion: Security, Emotions, and the Fortress Body

1st Edition

By Barbara Sutton
May 23, 2023

In the context of gun proliferation and persistent gun violence in the United States, a controversial security strategy has gained public attention: bulletproof fashion. This book examines concerns about security focusing on armored clothing and accessories for civilians. Available for children and...

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