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Feminist Criminology

About the Series

This series is a natural home for Criminology research with a Feminist Studies focus. Bringing together original, innovative and topical books that showcase cutting edge theory and empirical research, it is a focal point around which the field can continue to develop and flourish.  The series is broad in scope, in recognition of the diverse nature of research that is undertaken relating to Feminist Studies, Crime and Criminal justice. Methodologically the series is open to, and actively encourages, a diverse range of approaches. This can include ethnographies, policy analysis, rigorous quantitative studies, realist methods, media and textual analysis, mixed methods approaches and theoretical work. Aiming to be international in focus, with books in the series providing a range of theoretical, methodological and thematic issues, the knowledge generated should be diverse, novel and intellectually stimulating.

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Gender, Homicide, and the Politics of Responsibility Fatal Relationships

Gender, Homicide, and the Politics of Responsibility: Fatal Relationships

1st Edition


By Ashlee Gore
November 18, 2021

Gender, Homicide, and the Politics of Responsibility explores the competing and contradictory understandings of violence against women and men’s responsibility, situating these within the personal and political intersections of neoliberal and ‘postfeminist’ imperatives of individualisation, choice,...

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