1st Edition

Feminist Critique of Education
Fifteen Years of Gender Development

ISBN 9780415509466
Published March 23, 2012 by Routledge
348 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides a valuable route map to the development of thinking in gender and education over the last fifteen years. It includes over thirty-five seminal articles from the journal Gender and Education, written by many of the leading authors in the field from the UK, the USA, Australia and Europe.

Compiled by the current editors of the journal to show the development of the field, the book is divided into six sections:

* Gender Identities
* Theory and Method
* Policy and Management
* Sexuality
* Ethnicity
* Social Class.

The specially written introduction by the editors contextualises the selection and introduces students to the main issues and current thinking in the field. Available in one easy-to-access place, this authoritative reference book provides a collection of articles that have lead the field. It should find a place in every library and on every departmental bookshelf.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Gender Identities  1. Pupils, Resistance and Gender Codes: A Study of Classroom Encounters  2. ‘Girlies on the Warpath’: Addressing Gender in Initial Teacher Education  3. Masculinity, Violence and Schooling: Challenging ‘Poisonous Pedagogies’  4. Feminism and Research into Masculinities and Schooling  5. ‘Spice Girls, Nice Girls, Girlies and Tomboys’: Gender Discourses, Girls’ Cultures and Femininities in the Primary Classroom  6. Reproducing Traditional Femininities?: The Social Relations of ‘Special Educational Needs’ in a Girls’ Comprehensive School  7. Joining the Club?: Academia and Working-Class Femininities  Part 2: Theoretical Debate  8. Teaching Post-Structuralist Feminist Theory in Education: Student Resistance  9. The Subject of Post-Structuralism: A Reply to Alison Jones  10. Modernist Reductionism or Post-Structuralist Relativism: Can We Move On?: An Evaluation of the Arguments in Relation to Feminist Educational Research  11. Beyond the Post-Structuralist Modern Impasse: The Woman Returner as ‘Exile’ and ‘Nomad’  Part 3: Education Policy and Management  12. Equal Opportunities: Rhetoric or Action  13. Voice, Harmony, and Fugue in Global Feminism  14. Making a Difference: Women in Management in Australian and Canadian Faculties of Education  15. Consumerism and Gender in an Era of School Choice: A Look at US Charter Schools  16. Death to Critique and Dissent?: The Policies and Practices of New Managerialism and of Evidence-Based Practice  Part 4: History  17. A Lost Dimension?: The Political Education of Women in the Suffragette Movement in Edwardian Britain  18. To ‘Blasise the Trail for Women to Follow Along’: Sex, Gender and the Politics of Education on the London School Board, 1870-1904  Part 5: Sexuality  19. Teachers and Issues of Sexual Orientation  20. Walking Through Walls: The Sexual Harassment of High School Girls  21. Boyz’ Own Stories: Masculinities and Sexualities in Schools (1)  Part 6: Ethnicity  22. Modern Traditions?: British Muslim Women and Academic Achievement  23. Theorising Inner-City Masculinities: Race, Class, Gender and Education  Part 7: Social Class  24. Shaun’s Story: Troubling Discourses of White Working-Class Masculinities  25. Uneasy Hybrids: Psychosocial Aspects of Becoming Educationally Successful for Working-Class Young Women

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