1st Edition

Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary Educational Leadership

By Kay Fuller Copyright 2022
    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    This timely book explores how various feminist perspectives fruitfully explain women’s experience of educational leadership, drawing on a contemporary conceptualisation of fourth-wave feminism that is intersectional and inclusive.

    The book asks which and whose feminist theory is used to explain gender and feminism in educational leadership, management and administration (ELMA): the scholar’s, the research participant’s or a combination of the two in the co-construction of knowledge from an intersectional feminist perspective. It conceptualises intersectional and inclusive feminist perspectives on educational leadership, theorising research through a Black British feminist perspective, a gender and Islamic perspective and a queer theory perspective, depending on the self-identification of participants. It explores digital feminism and men’s pro-feminism. The book identifies feminist leadership praxis as a focus for future research and explores how leaders can draw on funds of knowledge, identity cultural wealth and lead and educate diverse populations of students.

    Highlighting the importance of intersectional feminist perspectives in ELMA, the book will appeal to scholars, researchers and postgraduate students in the fields of inclusive educational leadership and management, gender studies and feminism.

    Series editor foreword

    Part 1: Mapping feminist perspectives in Educational Leadership Management and Administration (ELMA)

    1 Waves of feminism

    2 Feminist theory and educational leadership: a review of selected literature

    Part 2: Using feminist theories in ELMA research

    3 Intersectionality and Black British feminism

    4 Islam and feminism

    5 Queer theory and feminism

    6 Applying critical leadership

    Part 3: Gender related issues in ELMA

    7 Digital feminism

    8 Men and pro-feminism

    9 Femonationalism: The ‘Trojan Horse’ affair

    Part 4: Next steps for feminist scholars in ELMA

    10 Whose feminist theory?


    Kay Fuller is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Nottingham, UK. Her research focuses on women, gender and feminism in educational leadership.

    "In this book Kay Fuller takes her readers on a richly nuanced and insightful reading of the continuities and strengths and transgressive potential of feminist scholarship. We are reminded of the historical and contemporary antecedents of feminism and challenged to think about how the field might further be deconstructed and decolonised. A compelling, authoritative and timely contribution."

    Tanya Fitzgerald, Professor of Higher Education, The University of Western Australia


    "Without doubt the most comprehensive treatment of feminist perspectives on leadership in education globally, Kay Fuller’s new book is a vital resource for researchers and educators alike. She provides the field with re-theorized insights into thoughtful leadership for the 21stCentury."

    Margaret Grogan, Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy, Chapman University, USA


    "Occasionally, a book with a critical analysis on feminist perspectives in the field of educational leadership, management and administration comes along reminding and reinvigorating us in the fight for gender equality. In this riveting monograph, Kay Fuller impeccably takes us through a holistic theoretical journey of feminist scholarship, tackling deep questions about change infused with social justice. The book is a contemporary feminist classic and a must-read for all those who believe in and care about gender equality in educational leadership."

    Pontso Moorosi, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Management, University of Warwick, UK


    "Congratulations to Kay Fuller for a comprehensive, succinct and well-researched contribution. Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary Educational Leadership is a valuable addition to literature on feminism after a phase when there have been conversations about ‘death of feminism’. It provides an historical overview, while also exploring current nuances such as digital feminism, Queer theory and feminism, or Islam and feminism, and flags up certain future possibilities. A must read!" 

    Saeeda Shah, Reader/Associate Professor in educational leadership (retired), University of Leicester, UK


    "Kay Fuller’s Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary Educational Leadership makes a significant contribution at a critical moment for women across the globe. Her autobiographical approach to narrating the evolution of feminist perspectives and their contributions to education leadership over time is executed to powerful effect and demonstrates the potency of intersectional feminism. This theoretically rich work both challenges and guides, making it an informative and simulating read."

    Michelle Young, Dean of the School of Education and a Professor of Education Leadership and Policy at Loyola Marymount University, USA


    "Fuller’s book is engaging and offers a strong contribution to feminist ELMA scholarship. It will be of particular value to postgraduate researchers as both an example of applying theory to empirical data and as a starting point for canvassing the literature in feminist ELMA research."

    Katrina MacDonald, Educational Review