1st Edition

Fenugreek Traditional and Modern Medicinal Uses

Edited By Dilip Ghosh, Prasad Thakurdesai Copyright 2022
    474 Pages 34 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    474 Pages 34 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    For many centuries, fenugreek has been one of the most popular spices and vegetables serving as an integral part of culinary practices across many cultures.  Fenugreek contains exceptional nutritional and medicinal properties, but scientific evidence for its potential health benefits has been considerably understudied and is beginning to grow.

    This book is a comprehensive compilation and documentation on the scientific profile of fenugreek and its phytoconstituents, including their most known applications and health benefits. It features a wide range of chapters written by highly experienced academics and industrial professionals.  Topics cover applications of fenugreek including information on nutrition, fitness supplements, functional food, and excipients of novel drug delivery systems.  In addition, it features topics on related products in the areas of nutraceuticals, functional food preparations, and complementary medicines.


    ·         Comprehensive review of traditional wisdom and modern scientific evidence on fenugreek


    ·         Presents scientific evidence of fenugreek as an ingredient for product development formulation


    ·         Contains information on extraction methods, risk assessment, claim validations, and the regulatory status of fenugreek-based products


    ·         Covers broad physiological benefits of fenugreek in management of diabetes mellitus, primary hyperlipidemia, inflammation and pain, neuropathy and neuroinflammation, neurological and psychological disorders, kidney and lung disorders, as well as immunological, infectious, and malignant disorders


    ·         Enhances awareness of existing scientific knowledge surrounding fenugreek, whilst encouraging future scientific research towards better and safer nutritional and medicinal applications


    This book is a valuable resource of information on fenugreek for researchers, students, nutritionists, sport medicine practitioners, fitness enthusiasts and trainers, naturopaths, traditional practitioners, and toxicologists. This book helps industries in the fields of nutraceuticals, fitness and sports medicine products to develop their future products. However, this book is not a substitute for medical advice or recommendations.


    Traditional Wisdom

    2 Fenugreek (Methika) Traditional Wisdom & Research Evidence

    3 Fenugreek in Traditional Persian Medicine

    4 Distribution, Biology and Bio-diversity of Fenugreek


    5 Optimization of the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Phytochemicals from Fenugreek Seeds

    6 Towards the Importance of Fenugreek Proteins: structural, nutritional, biological, and functional attributes

    7 Extraction and Optimization of Saponin and Phenolic Compounds of Fenugreek Seed

    Sports Supplements and Nutraceuticals

    8 Fenugreek: Nutraceutical Properties and Therapeutic Potential

    9 Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum): A Unique Plant with Potential Health Benefits and Sports Nutrition

    10 Applications of Fenugreek in Sports Nutrition

    Modern Medicinal Applications

    11 The Effects of Fenugreek on Controlling Glucose in Diabetes Mellitus: An Overview of Scientific Evidence

    12 Fenugreek in Management of Primary Hyperlipidemic Conditions

    13 The Effects of Fenugreek on Cardiovascular Risk Factors: What Are Potential Mechanisms?

    14 Trigonella foenum groecum L: Therapeutic and Pharmacological Potential – Special Emphasis on Efficacy against Inflammation and Pain

    15 Medicinal Potential of Fenugreek in Neuropathy and Neuroinflammation Associated Disorders

    16 Fenugreek in Management of Neurological and Psychological Disorders

    17 Fenugreek in Management of Female-specific Health Conditions

    18 Potential of Fenugreek in Management of Kidney and Lung Disorders

    19 Potential of Fenugreek in Management of Fibrotic Disorders

    20 Fenugreek in Management of Immunological, Infectious, and Malignant Disorders

    Formulations and Food Preparations

    21 Fenugreek: Novel Delivery Technologies and Versatile Formulation Excipients

    22 Applications of Fenugreek in Nutritional and Functional Food Preparations

    Regulatory Aspects

    23 Regulatory Status of Fenugreek and Fenugreek-based Products in USA, Australia, Canada, and India


    Dilip Ghosh, PhD, FACN is an international speaker, facilitator and author and professionally associated with SOHO-Flordis International (SFI), Australia; Honorary Ambassador, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), University of Western Sydney. With more than 20 years of experience in both pharmaceutical and food-nutrition industries, he is one of the pioneer researchers in the evaluation of the health claim opportunities of potential functional food ingredients and complementary medicines through an evaluation of the current scientific evidence base and related claims, and provides commentary on gaps in science including potential requirements for research such as human studies.

    Dr. Prasad Thakurdesai, Ph.D., is associated with Indus Biotech Private Limited, Pune, India. He has 30 years of professional experience in academia and industry. He has contributed more than 100 international journal publications, 60 conference presentations, one book, 2 book chapters, 11 magazine articles, 8 awards, with the supervision to 4 PhD and 32 MPharm students in areas of pharmacology, toxicology, nutraceuticals, and complementary medicines.   


    The book is a unique compilation of information on
    sources on traditional wisdom as well as modern
    medicinal scientific literature collected from various
    primary sources such as peer‑reviewed journals.
    The diverse areas of fenugreek, such as traditional
    wisdom, chemistry, nutritional, medicinal, food
    preparations and formulations, and regulatory status,
    are addressed in the book through individual chapters
    written by highly experienced academic and industrial

    The books follow an evidence‑based approach with
    extensive citations and reference lists at the end of
    each chapter, which can be valuable for obtaining
    more information on a specific topic of interest. Thus,
    the book has comprehensive documentation on the
    fenugreek‑specific scientific research since the last
    fenugreek‑specific was published in 2002. The book
    indeed will encourage new areas of research and
    health applications for fenugreek or fenugreek‑based
    Rajagopala S.
    Department of Kaumarabhritya, All India Institute of Ayurveda,
    New Delhi, India