3rd Edition

Fiber-Reinforced Composites Materials, Manufacturing, and Design, Third Edition

By P.K. Mallick Copyright 2007
    638 Pages 328 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The newly expanded and revised edition of Fiber-Reinforced Composites: Materials, Manufacturing, and Design presents the most up-to-date resource available on state-of-the-art composite materials. This book is unique in that it not only offers a current analysis of mechanics and properties, but also examines the latest advances in test methods, applications, manufacturing processes, and design aspects involving composites.

    This third edition presents thorough coverage of newly developed materials including nanocomposites. It also adds more emphasis on underlying theories, practical methods, and problem-solving skills employed in real-world applications of composite materials. Each chapter contains new examples drawn from diverse applications and additional problems to reinforce the practical relevance of key concepts.

    New in The Third Edition:

  • Contains new sections on material substitution, cost analysis, nano- and natural fibers, fiber architecture, and carbon-carbon composites
  • Provides a new chapter on polymer-based nanocomposites
  • Adds new sections on test methods such as fiber bundle tests and interlaminar fracture measurements
  • Expands sections on manufacturing fundamentals, thermoplastics matrix composites, and resin transfer molding
  • Maintaining the trademark quality of its well-respected and authoritative predecessors, Fiber-Reinforced Composites: Materials, Manufacturing, and Design, Third Edition continues to provide a unique interdisciplinary perspective and a logical approach to understanding the latest developments in the field.

    General Characteristics
    Material Selection
    Thermoset Matrix
    Thermoplastic Matrix
    Fiber Surface Treatments
    Fillers and Other Additives
    Incorporation of Fibers into Matrix
    Fiber Content, Density and Void Content
    Fiber-Matrix Interaction in a Unidirectional Lamina
    Characteristics of a Fiber-Reinforced Lamina
    Laminated Structure
    Interlaminar Stresses
    Static Mechanical Properties
    Fatigue Properties
    Impact Properties
    Other Properties
    Environmental Effects
    Long-Term Properties
    Fracture Behavior and Damage Tolerance
    Bag Molding Process
    Compression Molding
    Filament Winding
    Resin Transfer Molding
    Other Manufacturing Processes
    Manufacturing Processes for Thermoplastic Matrix Composites
    Quality Inspection Methods
    Failure Predictions
    Laminate Design Considerations
    Joint Design
    Design Examples
    Applications Examples
    Metal and Ceramic Matrix Composites
    Metal Matrix Composites
    Ceramic Matrix Composites
    Carbon-Carbon Composites
    Carbon Nanofiber
    Carbon Nanotubes
    Woven Fabric Terminology
    Residual Stresses in Fibers and Matrix in a Lamina Due to Cooling
    Alternative Equations for the Elastic and Thermal Properties of a Lamina
    Halpin-Tsai Equations
    Typical Mechanical Properties of Unidirectional Continuous Fiber Composites
    Properties of Various SMC Composites
    Typical Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Composites
    Determination of Design Allowables
    Useful references


    P.K. Mallick