Fifty Major Thinkers on Education : From Confucius to Dewey book cover
1st Edition

Fifty Major Thinkers on Education
From Confucius to Dewey

ISBN 9780415231268
Published November 9, 2001 by Routledge
272 Pages

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Book Description

In this unique work some of today's greatest educators present concise, accessible summaries of the great educators of the past. Covering a time-span from 500 BC to the early twentieth century each essay gives key biographical information, an outline of the individual's principal achievements and activities, an assessment of their impact and influence, a list of their major writings and suggested further reading. Together with Fifty Modern Thinkers on Education, this book provides a unique reference guide for all students of education.

Table of Contents

Preface, Joy A. Palmer, Liora Bresler, E. Cooper; Confucius 551–479 BCE, Jianping Shen; Chapter 102 Socrates 469–399 BCE, Christopher J. Rowe; Chapter 103 Plato 427–347 BCE, David E. Cooper; Chapter 104 Aristotle 384–322 BCE, Peter Hobson; Chapter 105 Jesus of Nazareth 4 BCE– AD 29, Connie Leean Seraphine; Chapter 106 Saint Augustine 354–430, P.J. FitzPatrick; Chapter 107 Al-Ghazzali 1058–1111, Hani A. Tawil; Chapter 108 IBN Tufayl c. 1106–85, Dalal Malhas Steitieh; Chapter 109 Desiderius Erasmus (Gerrit Gerritszoon) 1466–1536, G.R. Batho; Chapter 110 Jan Amos Comenius 1592–1670, Jaroslav Peprnik; Chapter 111 John Locke 1632–1704, Richard Smith; Chapter 112 John Wesley 1703–91, Henry D. Rack; Chapter 113 Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712–78, Timothy O’Hagan; Chapter 114 Immanuel Kant 1724–1804, Adam B. Dickerson; Chapter 115 Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi 1746–1827, Daniel Tröhler; Chapter 116 Mary Wollstonecraft 1759–97, Jane Roland Martin; Chapter 117 Johann Gottlieb Fichte 1762–1814, James A. Clarke; Chapter 118 Wilhelm von Humboldt 1767–1835, Jürgen Oelkers; Chapter 119 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1770–1831, James A. Clarke; Chapter 120 Johann Friedrich Herbart 1776-1841, Jürgen Oelkers; Chapter 121 Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel 1782–1852, Daniel J. Walsh, Shunah Chung, Aysel Tufekci; Chapter 122 John Henry Newm 1801–90, P.J. FitzPatrick; Chapter 123 John Stuart Mill 1806–73, David E. Cooper; Chapter 124 Charles Darwin 1809–82, Louis M. Smith; Chapter 125 John Ruskin 1819–1900, Anthony O’Hear; Chapter 126 Herbert Spencer 1820–1903, G.R. Batho; Chapter 127 Matthew Arnold 1822–88, Anthony O’Hear; Chapter 128 Thomas Henry Huxley 1825–95, David Knight; Chapter 129 Louisa May Alcott 1832–88, Susan Laird; Chapter 130 Samuel Butler 1835–1902, Nel Noddings; Chapter 131 Robert Morant 1863–1920, G.R. Batho; Chapter 132 Eugenio María de Hostos 1839–1903, Angel Villarini Jusino, Carlos Antonio Torre; Chapter 133 Friedrich Nietzsche 1844–1900, Thomas E. Hart; Chapter 134 Alfred Binet 1857–1911, David A. Bergin, Gregory J. Cizek; Chapter 135 Émile Durkheim 1858–1917, William Pickering; Chapter 136 Anna Julia Haywood Cooper 1858–1964, Arlette Ingram Willis, Violet Harris; Chapter 137 John Dewey 1859–1952, Michael W. Apple, Kenneth Teitelbaum; Chapter 138 Jane Addams 1860–1935, Nel Noddings; Chapter 139 Rudolf Steiner 1861–1925, Jürgen Oelkers; Chapter 140 Rabindranath Tagore 1861–1941, Krishna Dutta, Andrew Robinson; Chapter 141 Alfred North Whitehead 1861–1947, Nancy C. Ellis; Chapter 142 ÉMile Jaques-Dalcroze 1865–1950, Joan Russell; Chapter 143 William Edward Burghardt Du Bois 1868–1963, Violet Harris, Arlette Ingram Willis; Chapter 144 M.K. Gandhi 1869–1948, Devi Prasad; Chapter 145 Maria Montessori 1870–1952, Jane Roland Martin; Chapter 146 Bertrand Russell 1872-1970, Ray Monk; Chapter 147 E.L. Thorndike 1874–1949, William L. Bewley, Eva L. Baker; Chapter 148 Martin Buber 1878–1965, Christine Thompson; Chapter 149 José Ortega Y Gasset 1883–1955, Diego Sevilla; Chapter 150 Cyril Lodovic Burt 1883—1971, Jim Ridgway;

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Joy A. Palmer, Liora Bresler, E. Cooper