1st Edition

First Language Influences on Multilingual Lexicons

By Paul Booth, Jon Clenton Copyright 2020
    212 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    212 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This collection brings together recent research on the influences between first and additional languages with a focus on the development of multilingual lexicons. Featuring work from an international group of scholars, the volume examines the complex dynamics underpinning vocabulary in second and third languages and the role first languages play within this process. The book is organized around three different facets of research in this area – lexical recognition, processing, and knowledge; the effects of first languages on second language reading and writing, collocations, and translation skills; and, vocabulary testing – drawing on examples from a variety of languages, including European languages, Arabic, and Japanese. Setting the stage for further research on the interplay between first languages and multilingual lexicons, this volume is key reading for students and researchers in applied linguistics, language learning and teaching, bilingualism, second language acquisition, and translation studies.

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    1. First language influences on multilingual lexicons - pulling apart the threads.
    2. Jon Clenton & Paul Booth

      Part 1: Recognition, comprehension, and reading

    3. The Pseudohomophone Effect in visual word recognition in a Second Language
    4. Nan Jiang & Hye Pae

    5. L1 – L2 semantic and syntactic processing: the influence of language proximity. Paul Booth, Jon Clenton & Jo Van Herwegen
    6. The effect of Arabic word structure and L1 reading processes on the structure of the English L2.
    7. Jim Milton & Khaled Alhazmi

      Part 2: Production, translation and writing

    8. The Multilingual Lexicon: Evidence from Primed Translation Lexical Decision and Verbal Fluency Tasks.
    9. Agnieszka Ewa Krautz (Tytus)

    10. Beyond literal: expanding vocabulary for translation skills in the diverse, multilingual undergraduate MFL classroom.
    11. Rosa Rodriguez-Garrido & Albert Pellicer

    12. Processing L2 vocabulary in writing.
    13. Katja Mäntylä, Sinikka Lihtinen & Outi Toropainen

    14. Use of Collocations in Written Text: a comparative analysis of collocations produced by Native Speakers and Nigerian Learners of English.
    15. Peter Obukadeta

      Part 3: Vocabulary assessment

    16. First and second language cognate effects in third language vocabulary knowledge.
    17. Christina Lindqvist

    18. The Reassessment of Vocabulary Tests Based on Cognate Distribution.
    19. Csaba Zoltan Szabo


    20. First language influences on multilingual lexicons – drawing the threads together.

    Paul Booth & Jon Clenton



    Paul Booth is a Senior Lecturer at Kingston University (London) and course leader for the MA in Applied Linguistics for TESOL. His publications include: L1 – L2 semantic and syntactic processing: The influence of language proximity, System 78 and The variance of lexical diversity profiles and its relationship to learning style, IRAL 52.

    Jon Clenton is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Hiroshima University. His publications include Testing the Revised Hierarchical Model: Evidence from word associations. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, and Making sense of learner performance on tests of productive vocabulary knowledge. (with T. Fitzpatrick) TESOL Quarterly.