1st Edition

Floating Worlds A Short History of Japanese Animation

By Maria Roberta Novielli Copyright 2018

    Through the analysis of the work of the main Japanese animators starting from the pioneers of 1917, the book will overview the whole history of Japanese animated film, including the latest tendencies and the experimental movies. In addition to some of the most acclaimed directors Miyazaki Hayao, Takahata Isao, Shinkai Makoto, Tezuka Osamu and Kon Satoshi, the works of masters of animation such as Kawamoto Kihachirō, Kuri Yōji, Ōfuji Noburō and Yamamura Kōji will be analysed in their cultural and historical context. Moreover, their themes and styles will be the linking thread to overview the Japanese producing system and the social and political events which have often influenced their works.


    Key Features

  • Insight into both mainstream and independent cinema
  • Scientific reliability
  • Easy readability
  • Social and cultural context
  • Chapter 1 From Pre-Cinema to the Birth of Industry

    Chapter 2 Winds of War and Reconstruction

    Chapter 3 A New World

    Chapter 4 How the West Was Won

    Chapter 5 Simulacra

    Chapter 6 Alone, Not Lonely”: Generation X



    Maria Roberta Novielli