1st Edition

Food Preservation by Modified Atmospheres

By Moshe Calderon, Rivka Barkai-Golan Copyright 1990
    416 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume provides the reader with the updated state-of-the-art in the Modified Atmospheres field. It explains the Modified Atmospheres Method which is derived from the ancient Hermetic Storage Technique of keeping grain and seeds, which was practiced in Middle Eastern and other ancient cultures. This unique work covers all aspects of the field and reveals new important, useful information. This interesting publication is a valuable guidebook for all involved in postharvest agriculture, such as agronomists, horticulturists, extension officers and teachers at agricultural schools. It is also an important reference source for entomologists, postharvest fruit pathologists and physiologists, as well as agricultural engineers, food scientists, and food technologists.

    CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERES FOR STORAGE of GRAINS and THEIR PRODUCTS. Introduction. Air Tight Storage: Principle and Practice. Effect of Modified Atmospheres on Insect and Mites Infesting Stored Products. Modified Atmosphere for Preventing Molds and Mycotoxin Production in Stored Grain. Conservation of Humid Grain in Controlled Atmosphere Storage. Controlled Atmospheres for the Preservation of Tree Nuts and Dried Fruits. Comparative Advantages of High-CO2 and Low-Oxygen Types of Controlled Atmospheres. The Effect of Controlled Atmospheres on Grain Quality. Advances in the Practical Application of Controlled Atmosphere for the Preservation of Grain in Australia. MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE STORAGE of FRUITS and VEGETABLES. Historical Aspects and Perspectives of Controlled Atmosphere Storage. Physiological and Biochemical Effects of Controlled-Atmosphere on Fruits and Vegetables. Ethylene Effects in Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Horticultural Crops. Postharvest Disease Suppression by Atmospheric Modifications. Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Apples and Pears. Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Some Tropical Fruits. Controlled Atmosphere Storage Requirements and Recommendations for Vegetables. Theory and Practice of Hypobaric Storage. Controlled Atmosphere Storage Facilities.



    Calderon\, Moshe; Barkai-Golan\, Rivka