1st Edition

Food Safety and Toxicity

Edited By John De Vries Copyright 1997

    Food Safety and Toxicity examines the many problems and changes in food safety and toxicity. From a natural science viewpoint, this informative book takes on challenging and important topics impacting food researchers, regulators, producers, healthcare providers, educators, and consumers. It is organized into three main sections. Section 1 explores the relationship between the origin or formation of potentially toxic compounds and their eventual ingestion. Section 2 picks up with information on the potential consequences of this ingestion, and Section 3 concludes with the discussion of prevention and minimization of health risks.

    By emphasizing food safety, rather than nutritional toxicology, this book puts food hazards and their health risks in true perspective. It also explores the complementary roles of toxicology and epidemiology in studying associations between nutrition and adverse health effects and in assessing toxicological risks from food components in a deliberate manner. Food Safety and Toxicity, with clear, non-technical language and valuable insight, brings you up-to-date on the significant food safety issues confronting us today.

    From Raw Materials to Consumer: Chemical, Microbiological, and Technological Aspects of Food
    Introduction to the Raw Materials of Food, M.T. Jansen and A.G.J. Voragen
    Natural Toxins, M.T. Jansen, H.M.C. Put, and M. Nout
    Anti--nutritives, M.T. Jansen
    Contaminants, M.T. Jansen
    Food Additives, M.T. Jansen
    Nutrients, M.T. Jansen
    From Raw Material to Consumer: Aspects of Dietary Behavior
    Dietary Behavior, P. van Assema and G.J. Kok
    Adverse Effects of Food and Nutrition
    Introduction to Adverse Effects of Food and Nutrition, V.J. Feron
    Adverse Effects of Food Additives, H. Verhagen
    Adverse Effects of Food Contaminants, J. Groten
    Adverse Effects of Naturally Occurring Non-Nutritive Substances, H. van Genderen
    Adverse Effects of Nutrients, A.A.J.J.L. Rutten
    Toxicology of Mixtures in the Light of Food Safety, H. van Genderen
    Food Allergy and Food Intolerance, T. Bruggink
    Studies of Adverse Effects of Food and Nutrition in Humans, M. Verschuren
    Risk Management in Relation to Food and Its Components
    Introduction to Risk Management, E.J.M. Feskens
    Basic Requirements of Risk Evaluation and Standard Setting, M. Smith
    Extrapolation of Toxicity Data in Risk Assessment, H.J.G.M. Derks
    Setting Toxicological Standards for Food Safety, F.X.R. van Leeuwen
    Epidemiology in Health Risk Assessment, A.E.M. de Hollander
    Risk Assessment, Risk Evaluation, and Risk Management, C.J. Henry
    Behavioral Changes and Risk Perception, P. van Assema, G.J. Kok, and R.M. Meertens
    Food Safety Policy, M.J. van Stigt Thans


    De Vries, John