1st Edition

Food and Experiential Marketing Pleasure, Wellbeing and Consumption

Edited By Wided Batat Copyright 2019
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages 48 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Pleasure plays a significant but often neglected role in the creation of consumer wellbeing and the relationship between the food consumption experience and healthy eating. This innovative collection focusses on the experiential and hedonic aspects of food and the sociocultural, economic, ideological, and symbolic factors that influence how pleasure can contribute to consumer health, food education, and individual and societal wellbeing.

    Food and Experiential Marketing uses a holistic perspective to explore how the experiential side of food pleasure may drive healthy eating behaviors in varied food cultures. It questions: Is food pleasure an ally or an enemy of developing and adopting healthy eating habits? Can we design healthy offline and online food experiences that are pleasurable? What are the features of food consumption experiences, and how do they contribute to consumer wellbeing?

    Providing an overview of experiential and cultural issues in food marketing, this book will be invaluable for consumer behavior and food marketing scholars, public policy professionals, and the food industry in understanding the importance of pleasure in promoting healthy eating behaviors.

    FOREWORDS.  LIST OF FIGURES.  LIST OF TABLES.  LIST OF PHOTOGRAPHS.  LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS.  PREFACE.  1. Introduction to the experiential pleasure of food: How does pleasure advance consumer well-being and promote healthy eating behaviors?.  2. From food services to food experiences: Eating, well-being, and marketing.  3. Food consumer trends: Food experience, pleasure, and policy in the US.  4. TV cuisine therapy through narrative cooking programs: How does culinary journalism contribute to food pleasure and well-being?.  5. Cultural pleasures of eating and healing: Contributions to food well-being.  6. The coffee drinking experience: Contributions to pleasure, well-being, and consumer engagement.  7. The method of creative ethnography: Exploring food consumption and pleasurable experiences.  8. Cooking, food experiential learning, and connectedness: Food well-being construction from Lebanese villages.  9. Exploring bicultural (Japanese and American) food experiences: Food aesthetic, pleasure, and well-being.  10. Food storytelling, pleasure, and well-being: Narratives from food cultural experiences.  11. Fusing East with West: How Asian epicurean experience evolves and embraces well-being.  12. The Food gastronomy experience: A French perspective on food well-being.  13. Food shopping experience on the periphery of the supermarket: A social-media afforded quest for Whole30-compliant foods and well-being.  14. Hungry Eyes: How food porn affects well-being.  INDEX.


    Wided Batat is Professor of Marketing and Founder of B&C Consulting Group. She is also an internationally renowned expert and speaker on experiential and digital marketing, specializing in the fields of retail, luxury, food, wellbeing, youth cultures, generation Z&Y, Millenials and post-Millennials, and tourism.

    "This wide-ranging book, with contributions from well-known scholars, provides a timely reminder that food marketing, by focusing on pleasure (not health!) can, in fact, be the ally of healthier eating.", Pierre Chandon, The L’Oréal Chaired Professor of Marketing—Innovation and Creativity at INSEAD. Director of the INSEAD-Sorbonne Université Behavioural Lab

    "This book brings together an impressive range of international experts in consumer research to explore the connection between food and well-being. We know that the over-consumption and under-consumption of food impacts on consumers’ well-being. But in this collection of essays, researchers focus on the pleasure of food to highlight the central role that consumers’ experiences play in promoting health and well-being.", Julie L. Ozanne, Professor of Marketing, University of Melbourne

    "Professor Batat with her book Food and Experiential Marketing offers an incredible collection of insights related to food, pleasure, and marketing in promoting healthy eating behaviors. With 14 chapters this book reveals the importance of different theoretical and methodological perspectives if the goal is to help consumers achieve personal and social well-being. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in food marketing, the role of pleasure in eating, and consumers’ well-being.", Paula C. Peter, Professor of Marketing, San Diego State University

    "Food & Experiential Marketing addresses an important and timely issue for societies worldwide: How can we integrate experiences of food pleasure with the need to adopt healthy eating habits? This book provides important research to help move societies towards enhanced individual and societal food well-being.", Sonya A. Grier, Professor of Marketing, American University