1st Edition

Fostering Sustained Student-Faculty Engagement in Undergraduate Education

Edited By Teniell L. Trolian, Eugene T. Parker, III Copyright 2024
    246 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    246 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    As higher education contexts change, with shifts in student demographics, additional emphasis on institutional accountability, and new classroom and program modalities, faculty continue to play an important role in fostering student success through their interactions with students. Fostering Sustained Student-Faculty Engagement in Undergraduate Education explores how these shifts in college and university environments affect undergraduate student-faculty interactions and engagement.

    The edited text focuses on how higher education scholars, faculty, and leaders might reconsider and rethink undergraduate student-faculty experiences for present day higher education, both inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, the volume challenges existing notions of student-faculty interaction, focusing instead on improving the quality of interactions and fostering sustained mentoring relationships for important populations of students, ultimately considering how student-faculty engagement can contribute to student learning and success in higher education. A timely book, Fostering Sustained Student-Faculty Engagement in Undergraduate Education offers practicable recommendations for higher education faculty, student affairs staff, faculty development professionals, and college and university leaders for fostering effectual student-faculty experiences.


    1. Introduction: Student-Faculty Engagement in Undergraduate Education

    Teniell L. Trolian and Eugene T. Parker, III

    Part One: Frameworks for Thinking About Student-Faculty Engagement

    2. Constructing an Ecology of Student-Faculty Engagement

    C. Carney Strange

    3. Deeper Life Interactions and Student Success

    Ryan W. Erck and Rishi Sriram

    4. Students’ Interactions with Faculty and Staff: Supporting Student Success

    Jarett D. Haley

    Part Two: Student-Faculty Experiences that Improve Undergraduate Outcomes

    5. Faculty Mentorship: Promising Opportunities to Promote Students’ Sense of Belonging in

    Higher Education

    Krista M. Soria, Melissa Mossinghoff, Christine Kelling, Elise Kokenge, Robyn Beahm, and Mercedes Natividad de Frausto

    6. Exploring How Faculty Interact with Students About Graduate Education

    Olivia M. Copeland, Carli Rosati, and David J. Nguyen

    7. The Role Student-Faculty Interactions in Fostering Student Mental Health and Well-Being

    Christina Cobb, Dee Levy, Dayna Newton, and Erica Shudt

    Part Three: Student Identities and Student-Faculty Engagement

    8. Social Identity Intersectionality and Student-Faculty Interactions: Exploring Student Engagement with Faculty

    Thomas Zimmerman

    9. How Students from Immigrant Families Experience Student-Faculty Interactions: Navigating the New University

    Fanni Farago and Blake R. Silver

    10. Dismantling Whiteness in Student-Faculty Interactions

    Elizabeth A. Jach

    Part Four: Student-Faculty Experiences in the Undergraduate Classroom

    11. Promoting Social Innovation Through Learning Partnerships

    Benjamin Selznick, Patrice Ludwig, and Seán McCarthy

    12. Teacher Education Program Student-Faculty Engagement Via an International Opportunity

    Barbara Schwartz-Bechet and Colleen Duffy

    13. How to be Human in the Digital Age: Faculty Mentoring After COVID-19

    Daniel E. Becton, M. Yvonne Taylor, and Richard J. Reddick

    14. Fostering Sustained Student-Faculty Engagement in Undergraduate Education

    Eugene T. Parker, III and Teniell L. Trolian

    About the Contributors



    Teniell L. Trolian is Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership at the University at Albany, State University of New York, USA.

    Eugene T. Parker, III is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Kansas, USA.