1st Edition

From Police to Security Professional A Guide to a Successful Career Transition

By Michael S. D'Angelo Copyright 2015
    112 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    112 Pages
    by Routledge

    Former police and military personnel possess attractive skill sets for the private security industry; however, the transition to the corporate arena is not without challenges. Competition for these jobs is fierce. Many candidates possess degrees in security management—some having spent their entire professional careers in private security. From Police to Security Professional: A Guide to a Successful Career Transition provides tips on overcoming the inherent obstacles law enforcement professionals face in making the switch and supplies a practical roadmap for entry into the private security world.

    The foundation of the book comes from the author’s own journey and the many hurdles he encountered transitioning to private sector security. With his help, you’ll learn:

    • The unique skills, experience, and mentality required to enter into the private security industry from a law enforcement background
    • The opportunities available and the different areas within the industry—including benefits and income potential
    • How to properly evaluate your training portfolio
    • How to tailor your resume to garner the attention of hiring executives
    • The many professional associations and certifications that could be helpful in your career

    Vital to your ability to succeed is understanding that security management has evolved into a distinct profession in its own right—one that brings with it different education, experience, and skill sets that clearly differentiate it from law enforcement. This book will help you better understand and be prepared for the policies, processes, and a corporate environment that operates in a very different way than the police structure to which you are accustomed. With the author’s help, you’ll give yourself every advantage to get the job and succeed in your new career.

    My Journey, Your Journey
    Considering Retirement
    Making My Skill Set Desirable to Possible Employers
    Taking the Leap
    Where Are You in Your Story?
    Security Is Its Own Profession
    Development of Modern Security
    Some Benefits of the Private Security Industry
    Establishing Your Credibility
    Résumés and Other Tools for Your Success
    Interview Tips
    Associations, Education, and Certifications
    Advanced Education Is for All
    The Value of Certification
    Security Sectors of Opportunity
    Security Sectors of Employment
    Emergency Preparedness: A Companion Profession
    Advanced Training within the Field
    What Employers May Be Looking For
    Public versus Private: A Culture Shock
    Social Media
    Access to Records
    Evaluation Reports
    Your New Career and beyond
    Protect Your Future
    Retiring Again
    Other Considerations
    Appendix A
    Appendix B


    Michael S. D'Angelo

    "While the book is valuable to persons thinking of transitioning into the security world, for a person who has actually made the successful switch from law enforcement to security professional, it is a great reminder of how that path can meander."
    —Dan Popowich, CPP, and James E. Sellers, CPP, in Security Management

    "…worthy of academic standing in any university or college curriculum of study. The book flawlessly weaves together the journey of retirement and a conceptual understanding as to what it takes to make that transition successfully. From Police to Security Professional: A Guide to a Successful Career Transition provides a compelling template that is both empowering and a life manual for that journey."
    —Dr. Michael J. Alicea, Retired Sergeant, Coral Gables Police Department, Adjunct Faculty Professor, University of Miami, Miami Dade College