2nd Edition

Fundamentals of Infrastructure Engineering Civil Engineering Systems, Second Edition,

By Patrick H. McDonald Copyright 2001

    Based on the author's extensive experience, this book presents recent advances in systems theory and methodology for infrastructure engineering. It highlights modern approaches to the analysis, design, construction, implementation, management, and maintenance of large-scale infrastructure systems and projects, including transportation and water resources. This thoroughly updated and expanded second edition covers contemporary state-space methods for systems modeling and design, user-friendly interactive programs for outcomes research, advanced techniques for control of water supply systems and pipe networks, and Eigenvalue, hydraulic, and discount rate computations.

    The nature of systems; systems in engineering; theories of systems; optimization; systems evaluation; linear graphs; CPM and PERT; decision analysis models; calculus optimization; lagrange multiplier method; linear programming; nonlinear programming; systems simulation; differential equations for systems; state space systems; autonomous systems. Appendices: computing the discount rate; treatment of data; the Pearson equation; the PERT formula; matrices; tableau algorithms; normal distribution; drawing random numbers; the linear oscillator; hydraulic computations; eigenvalue computations.


    Patrick H. McDonald