1st Edition

Future Directions of Educational Change Social Justice, Professional Capital, and Systems Change

    296 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    280 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Future Directions of Educational Change brings together timely discussions on social justice, professional capital, and systems change from some of the leading scholars in the field of education. Engaging in theory and evidence-based debates covering issues such as literacy education, whole system reform, and teacher leadership, this volume argues that quality and equity are equally important in reshaping existing education systems both within the United States and globally. The authors offer contextual analyses of current educational research and practice while looking toward the future and offering thought-provoking arguments for challenging and rectifying the systemic inequalities within education today.


    Andy Hargreaves

    1. Introduction: The Many Future Directions of Educational Change
    2. Dennis Shirley

      Social Justice

    3. Social Justice and the Future of Educational Change: Section Introduction
    4. Santiago Rincón-Gallardo

    5. In the Pursuit of Freedom and Social Justice: Four Theses to Reshape Educational Change
    6. Santiago Rincón-Gallardo

    7. Curricular and Pedagogical Perspectives on Transnational Students Within Socially Just Approaches to Literacy Education
    8. Allison Skerrett

    9. Social Justice, Educational Change, and Escuela Nueva
    10. Alfredo Sarmiento and Vicky Colbert

    11. Thirty Years After: From Research as Praxis to Praxis in the Ruins
    12. Patti Lather

      Professional Capital

    13. The Future Directions of Building Professional Capital: Section Introduction
    14. Kristin Kew 

    15. Strong Adult Professional Culture: The Indispensable Ingredient for Sustainable School Improvement
    16. Jon Saphier

    17. Realizing Professional Capital By, For, and With the Learning Profession: Lessons from Canada
    18. Carol Campbell

    19. Building and Sustaining Capital in New Zealand Education
    20. Jan Robertson

    21. Leading Educational Change in Socially Networked Systems
    22. Alan J. Daly

      Systems Change

    23. Systems Change: Section Introduction
    24. Helen Janc Malone

    25. A Comparative View of Education System Reform: Policy, Politics, and People
    26. Beatriz Pont

    27. Experimental Research and Educational Change: Methodological Insights from the Global South
    28. Brahm Fleisch

    29. SkillsFuture: The Future of Lifelong Learning in Singapore
    30. Pak Tee Ng

    31. Coherence Making: Whole System Change Strategy

    Joanne Quinn and Michael Fullan

    Contributor Biographies



    Helen Janc Malone is the director of education policy and institutional advancement and the national director of the Education Policy Fellowship Program at the Institute for Educational Leadership, USA.

    Santiago Rincón-Gallardo is a visiting scholar at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Canada, and chief research officer at Michael Fullan Enterprises Inc.

    Kristin Kew is an assistant professor of educational leadership and management at New Mexico State University, USA.

    "The struggle to both understand and change school systems so they are socially just and organized for all students is beautifully displayed here. This is a critically important book for our time!"

    • Ann Lieberman, Emeritus Professor of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

    "Thinking about educational change within an international context has never been so critically important. Future Directions of Educational Change offers new perspectives and important insights into a changing global landscape. This book has to be on the bookshelf of those charged with, and responsible for, educational transformation, change and improvement."

    • Alma Harris, FRSA, Professor of Educational leadership and Policy, University of Bath, UK