1st Edition

Galuppi to Vorotnikov Music of the Russian Court Chapel Choir I

Edited By Carolyn C. Dunlop Copyright 2000

    A performing edition of nineteenth century Russian choral pieces by a range of composers in a variety of styles, this volume was prepared to accompany the book The Russian Court Chapel Choir by Carolyn C. Dunlop.

    Chapter 1 Plotiyu Usnuv; Chapter 2 Raduitesya Lyudie; Chapter 3 Da Ispravitsya Molitva Moya; Chapter 4 Dostoino Est’; Chapter 5 Kheruvimskaya Pesn’; Chapter 6 Priidite Vospoim; Chapter 7 Slava Vo Vyshnikh Bogu; Chapter 8 Slava Edinorodnyi Syn; Chapter 9 Kheruvimskaya Pesn’ No. 2; Chapter 10 Vecheri Tvoeya Tainyya; Chapter 11 Kheruvimskaya Pesn’; Chapter 12 Da Ispravitsya Molitva Moya; Chapter 13 Ekteniya Pervaya; Chapter 14 Kheruvimskaya Pesn’; Chapter 15 Chashu Spaseniya Priimu; Chapter 16 Na Rekakh Va Vilonskikh; Chapter 17 O Tebe Raduetsya;


    Carolyn C. Dunlop