1st Edition

Game Design Deep Dive Soulslike

By Joshua Bycer Copyright 2024
    174 Pages 97 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    174 Pages 97 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Game Design Critic Joshua Bycer is back with another entry in the Game Design Deep Series to focus on the youngest genre yet: soulslikes. Over a decade, From Software defined a new genre that has led to studios chasing after them hit after hit. In this book, Josh will cover the history of the genre and popular soulslike games of the 2010s and discuss what aspects of design make a game a soulslike.

    • The first book looking at the history of the genre
    • A breakdown of both action and RPG design for fans and designers of both
    • A lesson on difficulty in games and why harder doesn’t mean better

    Chapter 01 Introduction

    Chapter 02 The Proto Soulslike Era

    Chapter 03 The Basics of Action Design

    Chapter 04 Foundations of RPG Design

    Chapter 05 How From Software Defined Soulslikes

    Chapter 06 Intro to Soulslikes

    Chapter 07 A Study of Difficulty

    Chapter 08 Advanced Soulslike Design

    Chapter 09 The future of Soulslikes

    Chapter 10 Conclusion



    Joshua Bycer is a Game Design Critic with more than 7 years of experience critically analyzing game design and the industry itself. In that time through Game-Wisdom.com, he has interviewed hundreds of game developers and members of the industry about what it means to design video games.