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Let's Talk Social Skills A game to promote social communication

Let's Talk Social Skills: A game to promote social communication

2nd Edition

By Lesley Mayne
January 11, 2019

The second edition of these bestselling cards remains focused on building stronger communication skills in children and young adults. The social skills topics can be used as a therapeutic activity, a warm-up exercise, or a closing game. Partners practise conversing with peers and adults by ...

Let's Talk Resilience

Let's Talk: Resilience

1st Edition

By Sue Nicholls
August 21, 2015

Let's Talk: Resilience are cards to improve communication and confidence. To understand more about resilience, these cards help to develop resilience skills and look at how to use different strategies to be resilient in difficult situations. Let's Talk: Resilience can be used: with adults and ...

Let's Talk Assertiveness

Let's Talk: Assertiveness

1st Edition

By Sue Nicholls
August 04, 2009

Let's Talk: Assertiveness is a card game to improve communication and confidence. It is an adaptable resource, designed for use as a 5 min ice breaker, in a one hour discussion, or in a series of more detailed workshop sessions. It includes information on assertiveness, including how to say no, ...

Let's Talk Feelings

Let's Talk: Feelings

1st Edition

By Nicholls Sue
August 04, 2009

This book presents a card game to enable people to become more aware of their feelings. For adults and children; With individuals or in small groups, home, school (eg circle time, learning support), therapy; Adaptable: 5 min ice breaker to 6 separate workshop sessions; and it can be played with a ...

Let's Talk!

Let's Talk!

1st Edition

By Patricia Roe
June 01, 1998

"Let's Talk!" is a set of discussion and prompt cards designed for use by all groups. The pack is divided into the following three themes: One thing ...One thing I feel I do well is...One thing that amuses me is...One thing that would brighten up my day is ...Think back: What is your earliest ...

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