1st Edition

Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues in Education Programs, Policies, and Practices

By James Sears Copyright 2005
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Understand the challenges from the voices involved—today’s LGBT youth AND the leading educators and scholars in the field!

    Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues in Education presents LGBT youth issues through the words of the adolescents themselves, along with clear up-to-date essays about LGBT youth programs, policies, and practices around the world. Leading international educators and scholars examine personal experiences of LGBT youth, cutting-edge programs, and research first presented in the international Journal of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Education. Dynamic and thought-provoking, this insightful book brings together ideas and a vision vital for the future of today’s LGBT youth.

    Invaluable for educators, counselors, graduate and undergraduate students, and LGBT youth alike, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues in Education is readily accessible and easy-to-read, yet still provides in-depth, multidimensional examinations of the LGBT youth programs and practices essential for the propagation of social tolerance, acceptance, and safety of our youth. The LGBT youth voices sing clear their views about the urgent need for programs and policies within educational resources to challenge the present dominant intolerant thinking. The editor presents cogent essays that reveal the complex issues of the educational programs and practices, while offering strategies and hope for societal change. The book strives for the ultimate goal of reaching LGBT acceptance within society, to move beyond simple toleration toward becoming completely equal regardless of sexual identity.

    Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues in Education explores:

    • transgender college students
    • bullying and homophobia
    • research on LGBT studies in education
    • teaching elementary preservice teachers
    • multicultural school-based programs for HIV education serving transgender youth
    • successes and deficiencies of gay-straight alliances
    • race and youth programs in urban high schools
    • growing up lesbian in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
    • growing up gay in Japan and China
    Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues in Education is an essential exploration of LGBT issues and an excellent educational tool for educators, undergraduate and graduate students, counselors, social workers, LGBT youth, and for any professional working with LGBT youth.

    • About the Editor
    • Contributors
    • Foreword (Arthur Lipkin)
    • Preface
    • Reflections on Growing Up Lesbian in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States
    • Chapter 1. My Story (Rachel Bromley)
    • Chapter 2. What I Would Have Liked My Teachers to Know (Madelaine Imber)
    • Chapter 3. On Being “Queer” (Maayan-Rahel Simon)
    • Chapter 4. Commentaries (Mary Lou Rasmussen, Ronni Sanlo, Jan M. Goodman, and Íde O’Carroll)
    • Chapter 5. Authors’ Reactions (Madelaine Imber, Maayan-Rahel Simon, and Rachel Bromley)
    • Reflections on Being Gay in Japan and China
    • Chapter 6. Difficulties Japanese Gay Youth Encounter (Akihiko Komiya and Keiko Ofuji [Translator])
    • Chapter 7. Growing Up Gay in China (Rodge Q. Fann)
    • Chapter 8. Commentaries (Kevin Jennings, Kathleen Quinlivan, Peter Dankmeijer, William F. Pinar, and Keith Goddard)
    • Chapter 9. Authors’ Reactions (Rodge Q. Fann and Akihiko Komiya)
    • Chapter 10. School Experiences of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth (Sarah E. Holmes and Sean Cahill)
    • How Many GLBT Youth Are There?
    • GLBT Youth of Color
    • Education Policies Affecting GLBT Students
    • Anti-GLBT Harassment and Violence in the Nation’s Schools
    • Children of GLBT Parents in Schools
    • Strength and Resiliency of GLBT Students
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 11. The Research Terrain: A Brief Overview of the Historical Framework for LGBTQ Studies in Education (Laura A. Szalacha)
    • School Climate
    • LGBTQ Educational Research and Scholarship
    • Queer Theories
    • Chapter 12. Bullying and Homophobia in Canadian Schools: The Politics of Policies, Programs, and Educational Leadership (Gerald Walton)
    • Bullying As Political
    • “Safety” for Some, but Not for All
    • A Call for Leadership in Schools
    • Chapter 13. Serving the Needs of Transgendered College Students (Brett Beemyn)
    • A Note on Language
    • Trans-Sexology
    • Transgender in College
    • Institutional Support for Transgender Students
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 14. It’s Elementary in Appalachia: Helping Prospective Teachers and Their Students Understand Sexuality and Gender (Patti Capel Swartz)
    • Challenging Teachers in Appalachia
    • Confronting Prejudice in the Classroom
    • Writing Through Homophobia
    • Connecting Oppressions
    • Parents and Families
    • Challenging Dominant Thinking
    • Heterosexual Teachers’ Responsibilities
    • Pedagogical and Personal Struggles
    • Chapter 15. A School-Based Program to Improve Life Skills and to Prevent HIV Infection in Multicultural Transgendered Youth in Hawaii (P. Jayne Bopp and Timothy R. Juday)
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Chapter 16. Describing Roles That Gay-Straight Alliances Play in Schools: From Individual Support to School Change (Pat Griffin, Camille Lee, Jeffrey Waugh, and Chad Beyer)
    • Setting, Participants, Data Collection, and Analysis
    • Roles GSAs Play in Schools
    • Discussion
    • Chapter 17. Some Challenges Facing Queer Youth Programs in Urban High Schools: Racial Segregation and Denormalizing Whiteness (Lance Trevor McCready)
    • Racial Segregation
    • Normalization of Whiteness
    • Developing an Awareness of the Relationship Between Contexts and Participation
    • Denormalizing Whiteness
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    James T. Sears