1st Edition

Gender Diversity and LGBTQ Inclusion in K-12 Schools A Guide to Supporting Students, Changing Lives

    326 Pages
    by Routledge

    326 Pages
    by Routledge

    This exploration of effective practices to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and gender-diverse students in elementary, middle, and high school contexts focuses on curriculum, pedagogy, and school environment. Narratives and artwork from the field are framed by sociocultural and critical theory as well as research-based elaboration on the issues discussed. Applications of antidiscrimination law and policy, as well as learning skills like creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking help teachers tackle some of the most significant educational challenges of our time. The stories of real-world practices offer encouragement for building inclusive environments and enhancing social-emotional relationships among youth, families, and schools. Gender Diversity and LGBTQ Inclusion in K-12 Schools provides a helpful roadmap for educators hoping to create safe and empowering spaces for LGBTQ and gender-diverse students and families.




    1. Introduction: Buidling Gender-Diverse and LGBTQ-Inclusive Schools 

    Part I: Elementary School

    2. Elementary School Environment

    3. Elementary School Curriculum

    4. Elementary School Pedagogy

    Part II: Middle School

    5. Middle School Environment

    6. Middle School Curriculum

    7. Middle School Pedagogy

    Part III: High School

    8. High School Environment

    9. High School Curriculum

    10. High School Pedagogy

    Part IV: Higher Education

    11. Universities and Teacher Education


    Contributor Biographies


    A. Important Gender, Sexuality, and LGBTQ Definitions

    B. Anti-Bias Learning Student Objectives

    C. Instead of…Try These Classroom Practices

    D. Suggested Talking Points: What to Say in Difficult Conversations on

    Gender, Family, Race/Ethnicity, Language, Immigration

    E. LGBTQ and Gender Diversity Inclusion Resources for Families and K-12 Schools

    F. Gender Inclusive Schools Framework

    G. Resolution in Support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning Student Life at California State University, Fullerton




    Sharon Verner Chappell is Associate Professor, Elementary and Bilingual Education Department, California State University Fullerton, USA.

    Karyl E. Ketchum is Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies Department and Queer Studies Minor Program, California State University Fullerton, USA.

    Lisa Richardson is a recently retired Elementary School Teacher and School and Community Outreach Coodinator for South Orange County PFLAG, USA.

    "If you want to teach well, if you love your students, if you hope what you do in your classroom helps to shape a more just world, this book is for you. Rich with accessible resources, including guiding principles, up-to-the-minute definitions, poetry, personal essays, artwork, and links to online materials, as well as tips from dedicated, justice-seeking educators and care-takers, the text will be of use to everyone engaged in the critical work of nurturing young people. Powerful, intimate sketches of children navigating gender and sexuality at home and in their schools ground the chapters and confirm the need for diversity-celebratory activities, which the book helpfully provides. Modeling affirming perspectives and sharing practice-based examples of curriculums and policies aimed at building gender expansive schools and communities, Gender Diversity and LGBTQ Inclusion in K-12 Schools is timely, and through your use, will also be transformative."

    Therese Quinn, University of Illinois at Chicago.