1st Edition

Gender Equity Sources and Resources for Education Students

By Jo Sanders, Janice Koch, Josephine Urso Copyright 1997
    126 Pages
    by Routledge

    128 Pages
    by Routledge

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    What makes girls avoid math, science, and technology in school? And what can teacher educators do to help new teachers keep this from happening so that all of our children's talents can find expression? These two volumes provide teaching materials and background information on gender equity for teacher educators in mathematics, science, and technology education and their students. A practical guide, Gender Equity Right from the Start is usable by professors of education for preservice teachers and by staff developers for in-service teachers. By adapting the material for other subjects, it can also be used by teacher educators in content areas other than math, science, and technology. It consists of two volumes: Instructional Activities for Teacher Educators in Mathematics, Science, and Technology contains some 200 teaching activities on the major issues in gender equity, emphasizing solutions and not just problems. Activities take place in out-of-class assignments and field experiences whenever possible to minimize demands on class time. Sources and Resources for Education Students in Mathematics, Science, and Technology contains student materials needed for the activities as well as extensive print, electronic, organizational, and other resources for further information.

    Contents: Part I:Introduction. What We Know. The Teacher Education Equity Project. Women Are Not All the Same. Remember the Gentlemen. What the Statistics Say. Part II:Source Materials. Equity Issues. Startling Statements. Dumber by Degrees. Famous Women Mathematicians, Scientists, and Technologists. Women Inventors. Women Nobel Prize Winners. Life as a Member of the Opposite Sex. My Daddy Might Have Loved Me. Sample Attitude Survey Questions. Vignette: Maria's Brother Bobby. Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws Pertaining to Schools. Questions for Teachers Who Want to Enhance Students' Learning. Vignette: As a High School Teacher. Technology Vignettes. Teaching the Majority. The Forms of Bias in Instructional Materials. Vignette: You Are About to Start Your Student Teaching. Real-Life Mathematics. NCTM Standards. Guidelines for a Children's Survey. Guidelines for Nonsexist Use of Language. Gender-Biased Student/Teacher Interactions. Teacher/Student Interaction Coding Forms #1-5. Vignette: Ms. Marcus' Fifth-Grade Class. Scenario: You Are Teaching Your Class. Guidelines for Observing Cooperative Groups. Two Technology Vignettes. Scenario: Mr. Chang. General Model of Achievement Choices. Vignette: David and Susan. Autonomous Learning Behavior Model. Vignette: The AV Squad. Tips for Teachers: Science Is for Everyone! Assessment Profile. Writing Prompts. A Beginner's Guide to Educational Research. Evaluation and Documentation, or Why Should I Do This? Can Evaluation Be Useful and Even Fun? Sample Gender Attitude Survey Questions. Sample Gender Behavior Survey Questions. Workshop Program Evaluation. Workshop Follow-Up. Part III: Resources. Reading for Activity 1. Resources for Other Activities. Additional Mathematic and Gender Resources. Additional Science and Gender Resources. Audiovisual Resources. Bibliographies. Electronic Resources. Organizations for Women in Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST). Programs for Girls or Women in MST. Assessment Resources.


    Jo Sanders, Janice Koch, Josephine Urso