Gendering the Study of Religion in the Social Sciences

Series Editors:

The series invites proposals for books that address the entanglements of religion and gender from a diversity of social scientific perspectives, based on contemporary empirical research on a variety of religious and spiritual manifestations and dynamics in religious contexts. Religion everywhere concerns itself with gender, often upholding and inscribing gender differences. Some feminists have argued that religion is inherently patriarchal and oppressive. At the same time, very often religion is dominated at least numerically by women and social scientists have emphasized the empowering effects that religious experiences can have for women.

The nexus of religion, gender and society raises many interesting questions. How do religious and spiritual practitioners negotiate gender, ethnicity and class in their everyday lives, political projects and spiritual practices? How do they create alternative ways of being and acting in the world? How do they attempt to transform the structures and processes that shape our social and cultural worlds? This series intends to be a platform for research that addresses these kinds of questions. Contributions may come from a variety of disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, religious studies, gender studies, political sciences, history, geography and psychology. We welcome monographs and edited volumes that adopt a gender lens to explore religion using qualitative or mixed methods, investigating also the intersections of ethnicity, class, LGBTQ rights and other relevant topics.


Anna Fedele, CRIA - Lisbon University Institute

Kim Knibbe, University of Groningen

Kristin Aune, Coventry University

Laurel Zwissler, Central Michigan University

Co-founder: Mia Lövheim, Uppsala University

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