310 Pages 10 Color & 11 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Sequencing of the maize genome has opened up new opportunities in maize breeding, genetics and genomics research. This book highlights modern trends in development of hybrids, analysis of genetic diversity, molecular breeding, comparative and functional genomics, epigenomicsand proteomics in maize. The use of maize in biofuels, phytoremediation and pharmaceuticals is also highlighted. Current research trends, future research directions and challenges are discussed by a panel of experts from all over the world.

    Essential Information, Kefeng Li and Wusirika Ramakrishna
    Genetics, Martin Bohn
    Breeding and Diversity, Major M. Goodman, James B. Holland, and J. Jesus Sanchez G.
    Genomic Distribution of Genetic Diversity in Elite Maize Germplasm, Christine Hainey, J. AntoniRafalski, Michael Hanafey, Ying Zhang, William Krespan, Stanley D. Luck, Oscar S. Smith andGeoff Graham, and Scott Tingey
    Genetic Inference on Quantitative Traits through Linkage and Association Studies, Seth C. Murray and Randall J. Wisser
    Molecular Breeding for Tropical Maize Improvement, BM Prasanna, Raman Babu, Sudha Nair, Kassa Semagn, Vijay Chaikam, Jill Cairns, Xuecai Zhang, Yunbi Xu, and Michael Olsen
    Genome Sequencing, Jinsheng Lai
    Comparative Genomics, Rafi Shaik and Wusirika Ramakrishna,
    Functional Genomics, Christine M. Gaultand and A. Mark Settles
    Epigenomics, Thelma F. Madzima, Amy Sloan, Linda Stroud, and Karen M. McGinnis
    Proteomic Research Progress in Maize Development, Stress Response and Heterosis, Jihua Tang, Zhiyuan Fu, and Baichen Wang
    Databases, Mary Schaeffer
    Sustainable Use of Maize in Biofuels, Phytoremediation and Pharmaceuticals, RupaliDatta and Geoffrey Kinrad
    Future Prospects, James A. Birchler and Mei Guo


    Ramakrishna Wusirika, Martin Bohn, Jinsheng Lai, Chittaranjan Kole

    "…maize breeders and geneticists should benefit from the knowledge presented in the 13 chapters."
    —Manjit S. Kang, Kansas State University, in Crop Science