1st Edition

Geography 3-11 A Guide for Teachers

    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    The advent of the National Primary Strategy has produced a welcome reminder to teachers of the importance of geography within the primary curriculum. This book aims to encourage this renewed awareness and to support teachers in teaching primary geography in different and exciting ways. It will show that children have an entitlement to learn about geography and this can be achieved in a lively, creative fashion uplifting for both teachers and children. It covers:

    • planning for and assessing progression in learning
    • inclusion
    • ICT and drama
    • indoors, outdoors and beyond.

    Written in association with the Geographical Association, this book will help both trainee and experienced teachers to integrate geography as an essential part of the primary curriculum.

    The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll.  1. Theory, Practice and Research: A Rationale for Primary Geography and Overview of Recent Developments Simon Asquith  Section 1: Planning and Assessment  2. Are There Different Types of Geographical Enquiry? Chris Rowley  3. How Can We Plan Effectively to Foster Progression in Geographical Understanding? John Goodwin  Section 2: Concepts of Place  4. Sustainable Education: What’s That All About and What Has Geography Fieldwork Got to do With It? Chris Buxton  5. How Can Children Connect to a Distant Place Through Drama? Nigel Toye and Denise Evans  Section 3: Inclusion and the Global Dimension  6. How Can We Put Inclusion Into Practice in Geography? Justine Slaymaker  7. How Can Children Develop an Understanding of the Global Dimension? Sophie Mackay, Gina Mullarkey and Vimala John  Section 4: Values, Enquiries and Cross-Curricular Approaches  8. Is Geography Suitable for the Foundation Stage? Jan Ashbridge  9. How Can Geography Make a Significant Contribution to a Coherent and Meaningful Key Stage 1 Curriculum? Katherine Langley–Hamel and Kevin Hamel  10. How Can Geography Have a Significant Place in a Restructured Key Stage 2 Curriculum? Hilary Cooper  11. Reflections on Teaching Geography Neil Simco


    Hilary Cooper is Reader in Education at St Martin's College in Ambleside, Lancaster; Simon Asquith is Lecturer in primary geography at St. Martin's College; Chris Rowley is Lecturer in primary geography at St. Martin's College.