Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses : Selected Papers from the 2018 European Rock Mechanics Symposium book cover
1st Edition

Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses
Selected Papers from the 2018 European Rock Mechanics Symposium

ISBN 9781138327481
Published May 10, 2018 by CRC Press
704 Pages

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Book Description

Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses – Selected Papers contains selected contributions from EUROCK 2018, the 2018 International Symposium of the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM 2018, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 22—26 May 2018). Dedicated to recent advances and achievements in the fields of geomechanics and geotechnology, the book will be of interest to researchers and professionals involved in the various branches of rock mechanics and rock engineering.

EUROCK 2018, organized by the Saint Petersburg Mining University, is a continuation of the successful series of ISRM symposia in Europe, which began in 1992 in Chester, UK.

Table of Contents

Key lectures

Advancement of geomechanics and geodynamics at the mineral ore mining and underground space development
V. Litvinenko

Complete laboratory experimentation on hydraulic fracturing
H.H. Einstein, O. Al-Dajani, B. Gonçalves da Silva, G. Bing Li & S. Morgan

Strength and deformability of brittle polycrystalline materials in multiaxial stress-strain state: Rupture energy evaluation for brittle materials
E.G. Gaziev

Anisotropic and nonlinear properties of rock including fluid under pressure
I. Gray, X. Xhao & L. Liu

Dynamic rock support in burst-prone rock masses
C.C. Li

Deep mining rock mechanics in China—the 3rd mining technology revolution
M. He

Diagnostics and prediction of geomechanical objects state based on back analysis
L. Nazarova

Rock mechanics and environmental engineering for energy and geo-resources
F.L. Pellet

The development of geomechanical engineering in mining
V.L. Trushko, I.B. Sergeev & A.N. Shabarov

Review papers

Geodynamic safety of subsurface management
A.N. Shabarov & S.V. Tsirel

Methods and approaches to geomechanical ensuring of mining safety at potash mines
A.A. Baryakh & V.A. Asanov

The Ural scientific school of geomechanics: Fundamental and applied research
S.V. Kornilkov, A.D. Sashourin & A.A. Panzhin

Geomechanical substantiation of mining in rockburst-hazardous deposits
A.A. Kozyrev, V.I. Panin & I.E. Semenova

The researches of burst-hazard on mines in Russian Far East
I.Ju. Rasskazov, B.G. Saksin, M.I. Potapchuk & P.A. Anikin

Modeling geomechanical and geodynamic behavior of mining-altered rock mass with justifying mechanisms of initiation and growth of failure zones
V.N. Zakharov & O.N. Malinnikova

Physical and mechanical properties of fractured rock

Characterization of hydromechanical damage of claystones using X-ray tomography
C. Auvray & R. Giot

Analysis of crack initiation and crack damage of metamorphic rocks with emphasis on acoustic emission measurements
K. Bartmann & M. Alber

Application of a new clustering method for automatic identification of rock joint sets
S. Fereshtenejad & J.-J. Song

Experimental evidences of thermo-mechanical induced effects on jointed rock masses through infrared thermography and stress-strain monitoring
M. Fiorucci, G.M. Marmoni, S. Martino & A. Paciello

Effects of stress, anisotropy and brittle-to-ductile transition on fracturing and fluid flow in shales
M. Gutierrez

Investigating the mechanism contributing to large scale structurally driven hangingwall instabilities on the UG2 reef horizon
A.G. Hartzenberg & M. du Plessis

Measurements of thermal properties of rock samples under high temperature conditions
W. Lin, O. Tadai, T. Sugimoto, T. Hirose, W. Tanikawa & Y. Hamada

Static and dynamic effective stress coefficient of St. Peter sandstone during depletion and injection
X. Ma & M.D. Zoback

Jointed rock mass characterization using field and point-cloud data
M. Marjanović, M. Pejić, J. Krušić & B. Abolmasov

New failure criterion for rocks by using compression tests
C.G. Nicieza, M.I.Á. Fernández, C.C.G. Fernández, R.F. Rodríguez & J.R.G. Menéndez

Investigation of scale effects on uniaxial compressive strength for Kars-Kagızman Rock Salt, Turkey
I. Ozkan & Z. Kızıltaş

Practical aspects of boundary condition selection on direct shear laboratory tests
T.R.M. Packulak, J.J. Day & M.S. Diederichs

The use of InSAR as a tool to manage precursor ground displacement in rock masses
J. Raventós, C. Sánchez & A. Conde

Tensile behavior of rock under intermediate dynamic loading for Hwangdeung granite and Linyi sandstone 2
Y. Wicaksana, S. Jeon, G. Min & S. Cho

Development of a rock blasting management system
M. Yamagami & S. Katayama

Experimental study on damaged zone around an opening due to thermo-mechanical loading
N. Zhang, S. Jeon & S. Wang

Geophysics in rock mechanics

Dynamic investigations of EDZs from Bátaapáti radwaste repository based on passive seismoacoustic measurements
F. Deák & I. Szűcs

Reactivation of the old landslide caused by the land development—the case study
L. Florkowska, I. Bryt-Nitarska, R. Gawałkiewicz & R. Murzyn

Rock stress assessment based on the fracture induced electromagnetic radiation
V. Frid & S.N. Mulev

Empirical-Statical-Dynamic (ESD) methodology for extrapolation in rock mechanics
M. Jovanovski, I. Peshevski & J. Papic

The increasing of exploitation safety of potassium salt deposit based on geologicalgeomechanical simulation
Yu. Kashnikov, A. Ermashov, D. Shustov & D. Khvostantcev

Integrated seismic measurement techniques to determine the velocity distribution near underground drifts at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF)
W.M. Roggenthen

Monitoring and analysis of a large mass movement area in clay endangering a motorway in Bavaria, Germany
L. Wilfing, C. Meier, C. Boley & T. Pfeifer

Rock mass strength and failure

Quantitative assessment of variability in values of Geological Strength Index (GSI)
A. Bedi, M. Invernici & J.P. Harrison

Normandy cliff stability: Analysis and repair
J.-L. Briaud

Assessing the influence of discontinuities and clayey filling materials on the rock slope instability
D. Fereidooni

Laboratory investigation of crack initiation on hourglass-shaped granite specimens
L. Jacobsson & J.E. Lindqvist

Comparison of different approaches to predict the shear strength of large rock discontinuities
M. Jeffery, L. Lapastoure Gritchou, A. Giacomini, V. Griffiths & O. Buzzi

Modelling of fault reactivation in applications of mining and petroleum industry
R. Quevedo, C. Mejia & D. Roehl

Thermo-temporal behaviour of uniaxial compressive strength of a fine-grained Indian sandstone
N. Sirdesai, V. Srinivasan, R. Singh & T.N. Singh

Monitoring of coal pillars yielding during room and pillar extraction at the great depth
P. Waclawik, R. Kukutsch, P. Konicek & V. Kajzar

Nonlinear problems in rock mechanics

Models of strength and fracture of rocks
A.G. Protosenya & M.A. Karasev

Numerical modeling and back analysis

Benefits and limitations of applying directional shear strengths in 2D and 3D limit equilibrium models to predict slope stability in highly anisotropic rock masses
N. Bar, G. Weekes & S. Welideniya

Experimental and numerical investigation the divergence of horizontal and vertical displacement in longwall mining
E.T. Denkevich, O.L. Konovalov & M.A. Zhuravkov

Numerical analysis of the rheological behaviour of the Socompa debris avalanche, Chile
F. Vagnon, M. Pirulli, I. Manzella, K. Kelfoun & A.M. Ferrero

Numerical study of the hydraulic fracturing and energy production of a geothermal well in Northern Germany
M. Li, M.Z. Hou, L. Zhou & Y. Gou

A mathematical approach for prediction of inclinometer measurements in open-pit coal mine slopes
M. Mesutoglu & I. Ozkan

Analyzing slope stability in bimrocks by means of a stochastic approach
M.L. Napoli, M. Barbero & C. Scavia

The effect of rock mass stiffness on crush pillar behaviour
M. du Plessis & D.F. Malan

Numerical modelling of fracture processes in thermal shock weakened rock
M. Pressacco & T. Saksala

3D finite element modelling of chain-link drapery system
S. Tahmasbi, A. Giacomini, C. Wendeler & O. Buzzi

Kinematics and discreet modelling for ramp intersections
T. Zvarivadza & F. Sengani

Mineral resources development: Methods and rock mechanics problems

Prediction of excavation damaged zone in underground blasts using artificial neural networks
A. Asadi, A. Abbasi & E. Asadi

Using large-scale geotechnical modelling to solve mining tasks at a gold-copper mine
I. Avramov, T. Velkov, I. Garkov, D. Stefanov & I. Georgakiev

Progressive damages in hard rock by utilising an oscillating undercut technology
M. Ghamgosar, S. Duffield & N. Erarslan

An integrated geostatistical-geomechanical approach for predicting potential risk of failure in pit walls
N. Ghasempour, K. Esmaieli & H. Eivazy

Rock mechanics implications of microwave treatment of rock as part of a hybrid system for mechanical excavation of rock for civil and mining applications
P. Hartlieb & J. Rostami

The need for formal rock engineering expertise in deep mining
J. Maritz & H. Wagner

Forecast of probability of shock hazard in conditions of underground development of Zarmitan gold deposit zones
S. Sayyidkosimov & A. Kazakov

Rock mechanics and underground construction in mining, hydropower industry and civil engineering

Mixed Face Conditions (MFC) in hard rock TBM drives—causes, effects and solutions
M. Alber, R. Plinninger & J. Düllmann

Preliminary results of gypsum mechanical characterization
C. Caselle, S.M.R. Bonetto, F. Vagnon & D. Costanzo

Analysis and comparison of the measurements of Fréjus road tunnel and of its safety gallery
M. De La Fuente, R. Taherzadeh, J. Sulem & D. Subrin

Strength behaviour of Middle Siwalik sandstone under uniaxial and triaxial conditions
G. Mainak, K.S. Rao & S. Tarun

Numerical simulation of the multistage hydraulic fracturing and production in a tight gas horizontal well—history matching and preliminary optimization
Y. Gou, W. Feng, M. Li & M.Z. Hou

Evaluation of effective strength parameters in mudrocks
C. Günther, R. Kauther & C. Lempp

Integration of the analytical, empirical, and numerical methods in analyzing support requirements for tunneling in weak rock mass
S.H. Prassetyo & M. Gutierrez

Comparison between an energetic continuum approach and a local failure criterion for rock fracture prediction
J. Justo, J. Castro, S. Cicero, M.A. Sánchez-Carro & C. Sagaseta

Challenging estimation of seepage in powerhouse cavern and drainage tunnel in Iran
A. Kamali, K. Shahriar, M. El Tani, A. Aalianvari & M.A. Gholami

Improving stopes stability limits using Mineroc software
R. Miranda, J. Vallejos, J. Azorin, D. Chavez, M. Mondaca, C. Garrido & O. Catalan

Challenges related to water inflow during construction of deep Norwegian subsea tunnels
B. Nilsen

Verification of a prediction method for ground conditions ahead of a tunnel face by means of inclination monitoring
K. Sakai, T. Tani, T. Aoki & H. Ohtsu

Assessment of anisotropic deformation properties of tuff by a single test on a single specimen
Y. Togashi, M. Kikumoto, K. Tani, K. Hosoda & K. Ogawa

Mechanized installation of high-tensile chain-link mesh for underground support
C. Wendeler, A. Barinov & R. Luis

Interface behaviour along the boundary between the rock bolt and bond material
Y. Yokota, Z. Zhao, W. Nie, K. Date, K. Iwano & Y. Okada

Rock mechanics in petroleum engineering

Various effect of faults on mechanical earth models: A case study of integrated study
S. Khatibi, M. Ostadhassan, A. Aghajanpour, Y. Kovaleva & R.A. Mohammed

Porosity measurement of 3-D printed gypsum rock by means of X-ray computed tomography
L. Kong, M. Ostadhassan & C. Li

Calculation of convergence induced rock mass and ground surface movements in salt caverns for storage of liquid and gaseous energy carriers
A. Sroka, R. Misa & K. Tajduś

Fracture propagation in layered carboniferous strata
F. Stoeckhert, C. Solibida & M. Alber

Geodynamics and monitoring of rock mass behavior

Rockburst prevention in roadway with wide coal pillar of full-mechanized caving face: A case study
B. Nie, Y. Ma, J. Chen, Y. Qiao & H. Yu

Discussion on dynamical system of rockburst under tectonic stress field in coal mine
T. Lan, H. Zhang, A.S. Batugin, S. Li, J. Han, B. Cao & X. Zhou

Risks and hazards

Prediction of excavation damage zone depth variability in brittle rocks
N. Dadashzadeh & M.S. Diederichs

A simple methodology for hazard assessment of slopes in volcanic rocks from the Canary Islands: First steps. MACASTAB project
M. Muniz Menéndez & J. González-Gallego

An approach for the probability of wedge failure in the excavation direction
A. Turanboy, E. Ülker & C. Burak Küçüksütçü

Geomechanical aspects of remediation of quarries in the flysch: Case study of abandoned quarry in Majdan, Croatia
G. Vlastelica, P. Miščević, N. Štambuk Cvitanović & A. Glibota

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Professor Vladimir Litvinenko is the Rector of St. Petersburg Mining University, St, Petersburg, Russia.