Geomechanics and Geotechnics: From Micro to Macro, Two Volume Set  book cover
1st Edition

Geomechanics and Geotechnics: From Micro to Macro, Two Volume Set

ISBN 9780415612951
Published September 10, 2010 by CRC Press
1240 Pages

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Book Description

Soils are composed of grains but they are generally treated as continua in the classical framework of geomechanics. Their macroscopic response under loading, such as their non-linearity, yielding and anisotropy, is controlled by their micro-structure, the characteristics of the grains and the disposition of contacts between them. There have been rapid advances in technology both to investigate the microscopic properties of soils, and to simulate their granular behaviour explicitly through Discrete Element Method (DEM). DEM was originally used to reproduce element tests, but it is now being advocated for boundary-value problems.

Geomechanics and Geotechnics: From Micro to Macro includes 174 peer-reviewed papers presented at the International Symposium on Geomechanics and Geotechnics: From Micro to Macro (IS-Shanghai 2010, Shanghai, China, 10-12 October 2010). The symposium provided an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information on experiments, numerical models and engineering applications related to the discrete nature of geomaterials. The main goal was to explore further advances in the use of micro-geomechanical approaches, and by doing so to improve the understanding of macro-geomechanical phenomena by offering experiments, constitutive relations, numerical analyses and engineering applications associated with the discrete nature of geomaterials. Geomechanics and Geotechnics: From Micro to Macro will be of interest to academics and engineers involved in Soil Mechanics, Geomechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Geoengineering and Civil Engineering.

Table of Contents


Part I: Micro and Macro characterization

Experimental investigation on micro-contact laws of granules bonded with cement
M. Jiang, Y. Xiao & Y. Sun

A stress-strain modeling approach for soils: From micro to macro
C.S. Chang

Multiscale modeling and characterization of granular matter: From grain kinematics to continuum mechanics
C. Avila & J. Andrade

Micro-morphological changes in granular soils
F.N. Altuhafi & M.R. Coop

A microstructure-based constitutive model for the hydro-mechanical coupling in compacted clay/sand mixtures
Y.-J. Cui, A.-M. Tang, C. Loiseau & P. Delage

Shear failure development in compacted bentonite specimens
T. Kodaka, Y. Teramoto, T. Hirate, Y. Motoyoma, Y. Higo & F. Oka

Measurements of local distortion in shear deformed granular material
H. Yamamoto & H. Kunizawa

Modeling of unsaturated soil considering the effect of saturation directly
F. Zhang, X. Bao & T. Kariya

Micromechanical modeling for cyclic behavior of sand
Z.-Y. Yin, C.S. Chang & P.-Y. Hicher

Analytical and numerical solutions to bifurcation in three-dimensional stresses
D.A. Sun, L. Chen & W. Zhen

The structure characteristics of unsaturated expansive soils
L. Miao,Y. Cui & F. Wang

A microstructure-based numerical simulation of visco-elastic properties of asphalt concrete with Semi-Circular Bending test
X. Li, G. Wang & F. Feng

Degradation effects at microstructural scale and their consequences on macroscopic behaviour of a slightly weathered siltstone
J.A. Pineda, E. Romero, S. Gómez & E.E. Alonso

Studies on the disturbed state concept constitutive model of the rockfill materials
J. Pan, G. Wang, R. Bao & H. Xu

Test analysis on mechanical properties of soil cement mixtures
K. Ma, Y. Xie & G. Long

The experimental study on the response pattern of wave-induced pore pressure on sandy bed
J. Zhong, Y. Zheng & B. Vu

Quadric surface approximation of failure criteria for granular materials in plane problem
Y. Satoh, K. Suzuki, K. Kaneko & K. Kumagai

The effects of particle friction and crushing on macro-mechanical behavior of granular materials
X. Chu, L. Wang & Y. Xu

Consideration of the compressibility of soil mixed with deformable particles—classification of the compressive components by using rod-stack model tests
T. Kimata, K. Shimada & Y. Masaki

Effect of consolidation ratio on high relative density silt under cyclic principal stress rotation
Y. Shen, J. Yan, P. Zhang & H. Liu

Electrical resistivity anomalies applied to describing microstructure change for cemented-soil
X. Yu & Z. Qi

Effects of wedge angle on the ductile failure and the distribution of microcracks for indentation tests on rock-like material
H.W. Liu, L.H. Chen, Y.C. Chen & Y.S. Lin

Coarse granular soil state-dependent constitutive model considered micromechanics alteration
Y.-F. Jia & S.-C. Chi

Investigation on mechanical properties and constitutive model of lime-fly ash loess
Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang & J. Zhao

Micromechanical model of concrete under water lateral confinement
D. Zheng & X. Li

Experimental studies on microstructure and collapsibility behavior of unsaturated loess
L. Gao, M. Luan & Q. Yang

Centrifuge modeling for wave loading on a cylindrical breakwater
G. Xu, Z. Cai, X. Gu, Y. Li, J. Wu, S. Xie & Y. Wang

Investigation on elasto-plastic consolidation question based on numerical modeling method
T. Cheng & K. Yan

Stress-strain behavior of remoulded cement-treated Singapore marine clay
H. Xiao & F.H. Lee

Shear properties of waste tire-bottom ash mixture with various particle sizes of waste tire
Y.T. Kim, H.S. Kang & K.Y. Jo

A constitutive model for unsaturated natural soils
X. Jin, C. Zhao, T. Chen & Y. Liu

Failure criterion of cross-anisotropic soils with the method of macro-micro incorporation
X. Li, M. Huang, J. Qian & L. Kong

Relation between suction changes in compacted soils and evolution of micro-structure during compression
K. Cui, P. Défossez, Y.-J. Cui & G. Richard

Experimental study on evolution of meso-structure of intact Q2 loess during wetting
C. Shen, X. Fang, Z. Chen & Z. Zhou

Elastic waves in salt-cemented granular soils
Y.-H. Eom, Q.H. Truong, Y.-H. Byun, M.K. Tran & J.-S. Lee

Characteristics of pumice particle using X-ray CT scanning
N. Kikkawa, R.P. Orense & M.J. Pender

Full-grade concrete strength under long-term sustained loading
D. Zheng, C.R. Zhang & W.W. Li

Design and verification of portable direct shear tester for colluvium
K.-J. Shou & Y.W. Lin

Micro and macro approaches for characterization of porosity depending on the weathering degree
A.S.M. Hasan, Z. Mohamed & K.-I. Song

A new insight of 3-D microfabric analysis of unconsolidated marine sediments:Examples from north atlantic 300-meter long cores
K. Kawamura

Probability of damage to archaeological inclusions in a sandy matrix
A.F.L. Hyde, C.M. Jackson, I. Hassan & L.A. Howie

Change of instantaneous strength of rock in uniaxial compressive creep test
C. She, K. Li & X. Cui

Study on model of coupled behavior of consolidation and creep for soil
B. Tang & J. Lei

Support vector machine model for the relationship between physico-mechanical indexes and microstructure parameters of soft soil
Y. Liu & Z. Li

Study on micromechanism, physical and mechanical indexes of swamp soil
Q. Hu, L. Li, B. Xiao & H. Tang

Influence of obstacle angle on granular flow
Y. Fan, S. Wang, E. Wang & X. Liu

Variational inequality formulation of discontinuous deformation analysis
W. Jiang & H. Zheng

Natural shear strength for municipal solid waste
Z. Zhang, D. Wu & Y. Chen

Study on microstructure characteristics and compaction effects of ISS-reinforced red clay
X. Lu, W. Xiang, Y. Wu & Y. Wu

Study on physical and chemical characteristics of mortar specimens subjected to hydrochloric acid attack
R. Huo, C. Ning, J. Li & Y. Yao

Micro-structure analysis of dynamic replacement with riprapping and removing silt
X. Liu, W. Si & C. Zhu

An ellipse failure model for lightweight aggregate concrete
W. Wang

Test and study the microstructure of polluted soil by acid and alkali in laboratory
C. Zhu, D. Li, H. Liu & G. Yang

Analytical solutions for stresses and displacements of cylindrical cavity expansion based on extended SMP criterion
J. Zou, L. Zhao, J. Peng, L. Peng & X. Yang

Rock matrix-fractured media model for heterogeneous and fractured coal bed
C. Zhang, Q. Zhao & C. Zhang

An elasto-plastic model for aggregates considering particle crushing
H. Sun, Y. Pan, H. Zhou & M. Huang

Localization of concrete fatigue defects in concrete CT images based on fractal theory
X. Zhu, J. Li & L. Wen

Experimental study on wave-induced liquefaction in sandy silt seabed
B. Vu, Y. Zheng & J. Zhong

Analyzing the evolution of grains and contacts in sand under load
E. Andò, S.A. Hall, G. Viggiani, J. Desrues & P. Bésuelle

Research on deep clay high pressure triaxial unloading and structural constitutive model
R. Sun,W. Li & W. Wang

Modified Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion: Taking influence of unloading rate into consideration
W. Chai & W. Li

Testing study of relation between temperature and electrical resistivity of sedimentary rock
F. Zhang & C. Zeng

Arch shapes and principal stress trajectories in planar heap of dry sand
T. Pipatpongsa

Numerical simulation on the effect of filled granule shape on fracture seepage
J. Liu, P. Han & A. Nakayama

Micro mechanics study of granular soil based on the confined compression tests
L. Cao, W. Liu, X. Li, X. Zhao & H. Zhang

Quantifying soil micro-structure using fractals under dynamic replacement with rip rapping and removing silt
W. Chen

Experimental research on Poisson’s ratio of sandy soil
Y. Sun, L. Shao & Z. Fan

Experimental study on evolution of meso-structure of intact Q2 loess during loading
X. Fang, C. Shen, Z. Chen & Z. Zhou

Photoelastic study of force chains
J. Liu, Q. Sun, F. Jin & Z. Bi

Microscale parameters variation in biaxial tests
Z. Bi, Q. Sun, J. Liu & F. Jin

Effect factor of mechanical properties of cement stabilized grain as road base material
Q. Zhao, W. Zhu, M. Wei, Z. Zhang & H. Zhang

A micromechanically-based approach to failure strength for anisotropic geomaterials
J. Qian & M. Huang

Numerical simulation of end restraint effects on triaxial strength of soil
L. Su, H. Liao, S. Wang & Z. Hang

Analysis on capabilities of stress path of HCA to simulate the principal stress rotation under dynamic confining pressure
H. Pan & G. Chen

Study of scale effect on creep deformation of rockfill
W. Zhou. , J. Hua, X. Chang & C. Zhou

The role of microstructure in the water-induced mechanics behavior of Guangzhou red soils
T. Li, B. Liu & L. Tao

Part II: Discrete element modeling

Evolution of swelling pressure of cohesive-frictional, rough and elasto-plastic granulates
S. Luding & E. Bauer

A micromechanical approach to describe internal erosion effects in soils
L. Scholtes, P.-Y. Hicher & L. Sibille

Effect of particle size ratio on shear strength of dense binary mixtures
T. Ueda, T. Matsushima & Y. Yamada

Bimodal character of induced anisotropy in granular materials under undrained shear
N. Guo & J. Zhao

Aging effects on the stiffness anisotropy in sands
Y. Gao, C. Yeung & Y. Wang

DEM simulation of two main influence factors on stress release in tunnel excavation in noncohesive granular material
L. Zhuang, Y. Nakata & S. Zhou

Discrete and continuum modeling of sand flow experiment
S. Moriguchi, R.I. Borja, A. Yashima, K. Sawada & K. Oda

Steady state strength behavior of a particulate-solid interphase system
J. Wang

DEM analysis of an inclining rigid retaining wall subjected to translation movement mode
T. Zhao & M. Jiang

A comparison between DDA and DEM in numerical simulations of earthquake induced landslides
G. Chen, L. Zheng & K. Zen

Mapping deformation during CPT in a virtual calibration chamber
J. Butlanska, C. O’Sullivan, M. Arroyo & A. Gens

PFC3D simulation research on vibrating compaction test of soil and rock aggregate mixture
Y. Meng, X. Jia & H. Chai

Micromechanical investigation on the influence of cyclic loading history on small strain shear modulus of granular soils
X. Xu, D. Ling, B. Huang & Y. Chen

Three-dimensional DEM simulations on pile installation
Y. Lau, G. Ooi & Y. Wang

The role of particle breakage on the shear behaviour of coarse granular materials: A micromechanical investigation
P.K. Thakur, J.S. Vinod & B. Indraratna

Sand dilatancy and internal structure
X. Li & X.-S. Li

Micromechanical characterization and prediction of undrained response from drained triaxial shear tests in granular media under monotonic loading:Simulations using PFC3D
A. Kumari & S. Thallak

Sand meso analysis and numerical simulation
J. Zhou & B. Gao

Mesoscopic study on the mechanics of geosynthetic reinforced slope
J. Zhou, F. Li & X. Kong

Numerical simulation of micro-mechanism of saturated sand liquefaction
Y. Yang, J. Zhou & M. Jia

A discrete numerical approach for modelling face stability in slurry shield tunnelling
X. Hu, K.D. Scott & Z. Zhang

Discrete element method for analysis of supporting force for EPB shield in dry sand
R. Chen, L. Tang, D. Ling & Y. Chen

Numerical investigation of the fracture characteristics of rock under normal wedge indentation tests
Y.-H. Lin, L.-H. Chen & Y.-C. Chen

Effects of lateral opening angle on ore-drawing in pillarless sublevel caving based on PFC2D
T. Yang, P. Wang, Q. Yu & X. Liu

Mesoscopic numerical simulation of acoustic emission experiments in rock failure
H. Su & Q. Ma

Macro-response of rock mechanics behavior affected by its micro-parameters
X. Yin, X. Ge, C. Li & S. Wang

Micro-scale mechanism of liquefaction of saturated granular soils
Y. Zhou, J. Zhou & Y. Liu

Meso-mechanical simulation of fracture grouting under fluid-solid coupling environment
D. Zhang, F. Sun, T. Chen, Y. Hou & P. Li

The influence of geogrid aperture size on the behavior of reinforced granular bases
J. Han & A. Bhandari

Application of 3D-DEM with seepage analysis to numerical simulation of rainfall-induced slope failure
A.C. Capriles, T. Ishikawa & S. Miura

Application of DEM in design of big tunnels in rocks at relatively shallow depth
B. Zhu & E. Ghee

A new fracture and abrasion model of unbound granular materials using the discrete element method
M. Ocampo & B. Caicedo

Microstructure changes of granular materials with different overcompression ratios under biaxial compression
T. Li, S. Liu & M. Liu

DEM simulations of push-up load tests of sand plugs in steel pipe pile
S. Thongmunee, T. Matsumoto & S. Kobayashi

One dimensional compression of gap-graded mixtures in DEM
N.H. Minh & Y.P. Cheng

Study on the relationship between stress and fabric for unsaturated granular soils
W. Zhang. & C. Zhao

Capillary force and microscale deformation of polydisperse wet granular materials
J. Qin & H. Zhang

Numerical studies on the effect of grain crushing of idealized granular assemblies
T. Chen, D. Zhang & F. Sun

Microstructural analysis of Shanghai remolded clay during one-dimensional consolidation test
L.R. Kong, H.W. Huang, P.-Y. Hicher & D.M. Zhang


Part III: Engineering applications

Deformation of the seabed due to exploitation of methane hydrate reservoir
J. Yoneda, M. Hyodo, Y. Nakata & N. Yoshimoto

Shear strength regain of clayey landslides and remedial works
A. Maceo-Giovanni, G. Paolo & P. Fabrizio

The parametric study on stability of the landslide induced by water in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
L. Feng, Y. Zheng & J. Huang

Finite element analysis of some factors affecting piezocone penetration test (CPTU) in clays
G. Cai, S. Liu, A.J. Puppala, L. Tong & G. Du

Steady state permeability profiles surrounding penetrating piles in crushable granular media
C. Zhang, G.D. Nguyen & I. Einav

The effects of long-term thermal load on lining stability
J. Pacovský, J. Svoboda & R. Vašíček

The three-dimension saturated-unsaturated seepage analysis under atomized rain of hydropower project with high slope
H. Wang & W. Xu

A physically based SLIDE model for landslide hazard assessments using remotely sensed data sets
Z. Liao, Y. Hong, R.F. Adler & D. Bach

Behavior of ring foundations on very dense cemented sands
N.F. Ismael

Numerical analysis of balled wedge pile groups under uplift load
G. Kong, H. Liu, Q. Yang & R.Y. Liang

Finite element analysis on construction spatial effect of small spacing tunnel with large section
J. Gong & C. Xia

Rutting prediction of asphalt pavement based on the vehicle-pavement coupled dynamic load
Z. Lu, Z. He & M. Qin

Deformation mechanism and support measures for stress-induced cracked rock mass of deep coal mine roadway
X. Lu, Q. Liu & P. Su

Application of an implicit and explicit integration rules
Y. Yang

Investigation of dredge fill sedimentary process with indoor test
J. Chen, X. Lei & Q. Meng

Damage evaluation for rock mass through fractal dimension of joint fissures network
Y. Kang, X. Li & C. Yang

Mechanism of Tangjiashan landslide and stability assessment of the slide dam
S. Li, Y. Yin, X. Li, J. He & H. Qian

In-situ liquefaction evaluation using CPT
W. Gao & L. Qiao

Slope stability analysis based on Hoek-Brown non-linear failure model
Q. Jiang. & J. Jiang

Numerical simulation and safety analysis for tunnel excavation near gob with groundwater
D. Liu & Z. Tan

Nonlinear FEM analysis on the landslide stability and treatments at the portal of Wangkeng tunnel
H. Wang, J. Jia & B. Tu

Numerical analysis for a slope reinforced with one row of piles
X. Bian, Y. Shi & S. Sun

Fracture of a slope by percolating
X. Lu, X. Zhang, K. Hu & X. Chen

Stability analysis of high and steep slope considering excavation unloading effect
L. Wang, J. Li, H. Deng, M. Han & Q. Huang

Studies on horizontal bearing behavior of branch pile
C. Lu, X. Lai & F. Meng

Study about influence of disk quantity on the uplifted performance of disk-pile
F. Meng, Z. Tian & C. Lu

The analysis of nonlinear porous flow in the soft consolidation
Q. Sun & S. Zhu

The research of creep model for the slide zone soil of Gushubao landslide
L. Zou & S. Wang

Red soil microstructure and its foam-modified properties for metro shield tunneling engineering in Southern China
B. Liu, G. Qiao & T. Li

Determination of the excavation-disturbed zone and corresponding stability coefficient of surrounding rock or soil in tunnel engineering by applying the finite element method
S. Xiao

Numerical integration for probabilistic consolidation based on Biot consolidation FEM
H. Wang, L. Miao, C. Liu & Q. Yue

Analyzing and studying of the factors for determining neutral point position of fully grouted rock bolt
Q. Yang & X. Zhu

Buckling analysis of piles by considering the power function distribution of subgrade reaction coefficient
X. Zou, B. Yin, M. Zhao & X. Yang
Performance study on three methods for landslide thrust
J. Cheng

Comparison of explicit and implicit finite element methods with parallel computing for seismic response analysis of subway underground structur
G.X. Chen, L. Chen, L.P. Jing & Y. Dai

Numerical modeling on successive failure process of rock slopes caused by river erosion
J. Feng, T. Yang, Z. Zhang & H. Wu

Research on buckling and post-buckling behavior for roof strata in longwall mining
Z. Yang

Stability analysis of jointed slope based on smeared crack model
Z. Bi. , M. Zhang, M. Cheng & F. Jin

Nonlinear numerical analysis on behavior of pile in lateral spreading of liquefied ground
Q. Shao & X. Tang

Experimental study on influence of foundation pit dewatering on soil permeability
C. Ding, D. Ye, X. Zhang & K. Zhu

Characteristics of displacements and stress in surrounding rock and back analysis of displacement of underground powerhouse at Xilongchi storage power

L. Wang, J. Qi, W. Qi, D. Sun, F. Liu & W. Hu

A new rotary penetration sounding device and its testing method
X. Chen, S. Sun & X. Pu

Study on evaluation of slope stability with shear strength reduction by FEM
J. Liu & J. Liu

Application of FLAC3D to the construction process of crossing structure
Z. Zhu, M. Sun, B. He & Y. Zhu

Analysis on the energy response of subway station structure under ground motion
X. Zuo & G. Chen

Effects of underground water on deformation and stress of foundation pit and its support structure by FEM
D. Zhu, B. Chang & H. Li

Comprehensive evaluation on mechanical environment of rockmass in high-steep slopes
W. Tan & D. Gao

On method of bearing capacity of soft rock ground based on in-situ load test
W. Gao, J. Zhu, Z. Huang & D. Liu

Analysis of the effects of dynamic compaction to natural sedimentary clay in low mountain valley area
Z. Qi & M. Shi

Soil mass stability analysis of circular unlined loess tunnel under earthquake action
X. Cheng, H. Zhu, R. Tian & J. Wang

Study on changes of strength and deformation characteristics of the soil nailing excavation
P. Shi & D. Fan

Risk assessment and the damping measures of the tunnel transfixion section using drilling and blasting construction method
P. You & R. Mou

Analysis on saturated & unsaturated soils seepage of yellow river embankment reinforced by cut-off walls
Y. Li & J. Wang

In-situ test and numerical simulation of ground freezing for the cross passage
D. Li, X. Liu & H. Wang

Deterioration of actual railway tunnel lining in southwest China: Geotechnical, material & structural
X. Tang, Y. Xie & G. Long

Studies on durability and bearing capacity of FRP anchor
X. Zhou, G. Dai & W. Gong

Shakedown analysis of layered pavement under traffic load
Y. Sun & S. Shen

Analysis on the stress and deformation of Feilaixia earth dam
H. Yao & C. Peng

Numerical simulation research of composite soil nailing wall on dry dock wall
F. Cai, Y. Zheng & X. Li

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