1st Edition

Getting from the Bar to the Boardroom 25 Proven Sales Techniques for Relationship Building, Networking, Negotiating, and Dealmaking

By Doug Gentilcore Copyright 2022
    138 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    138 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Everyone is a salesperson. Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a point where you have to persuade an individual or group to change their current course of action in favor of a new one. This book is a sales guide, but more
    importantly, it is a guide on how to transition into the professional world and how to avoid the many pitfalls that have claimed countless victims.

    Drawn from his successful career in corporate sales and client services, Doug Gentilcore shares his firsthand experiences and knowledge for developing a promising business career. In this innovative book, the author explains why any business professional, whether in sales or not, will at some point have to persuade an individual or group to change their current course of action in favor of a new one. Told via a clever and engaging narrative, this book delivers 25 proven skills for relationship building, networking, negotiating, business dealmaking, and complex sales that business professionals can incorporate into their own work style. These include:

    • Have Your Credentials at the Door
    • If You Don’t Have a “Big” Friend, Make One
    • Bar Stool Selling
    • You’re Going to Get Shot Down, Deal with It
    • Never, Ever Turn Down a Free Drink
    • Know When It’s “That Time”


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    Chapter 1: Have Your Credentials at The Door

    Chapter 2: Have an In

    Chapter 3: Set the Agenda for The Evening

    Chapter 4: Make Sure Everyone Has a Drink

    Chapter 5: Talk to The Locals

    Chapter 6: Keep Your Head on A Swivel

    Chapter 7: If You Don’t Have A "Big" Friend, Make One

    Chapter 8: Respect the Bouncers

    Chapter 9: Drink Responsibly

    Chapter 10: Bar Stool Selling

    Chapter 11: You’re Going to Get Shot Down -- Deal with It

    Chapter 12: Be the Center of Attention, To A Point

    Chapter 13: Know Your Time and Place

    Chapter 14: Don’t Sulk and Don’t Let Others Sulk

    Chapter 15: Don’t Focus on Who Isn’t There

    Chapter 16: Have A Full Wallet

    Chapter 17: Buy A Round

    Chapter 18: Never, Ever Turn Down a Free Drink

    Chapter 19: Be on The Prowl

    Chapter 20: Confidence Is King, Arrogance Is the Jester

    Chapter 21: Tip Appropriately

    Chapter 22: Close Out Your Tab

    Chapter 23: Send Pictures

    Chapter 24: Recover

    Chapter 25: Know When It’s "That Time



    Doug Gentilcore started his career about as far from the Board room as you can imagine. As a golf professional in Scarsdale, NY he had aspirations of battling Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour. That dream was short-lived and soon he began his sales career with a business-to-business role in Annapolis, MD. Even though Doug’s professional golf career is long over, competition on the course, field, and in the business arena continues to be a defining part of his life.

    As Doug’s career advanced, he had stops at Pfizer and GE which helped build a foundation for his success in Sales, and where he began to develop his theories on Sales and Marketing. As Doug rose through the management ranks, he gained a deeper understanding of why his customers were motivated to buy from him. Doug’s growth and performance eventually led to him leading commercial teams on a global level.

    Doug has since founded Implerem, LLC and has worked with and for several organizations, helping them with strategy and commercialization. Whether it was large companies like Novartis, private equity firms like Bain Capital, or small organizations like ARTMS, Products Inc, Doug found that having strong principles, strategy, and finding people that can execute at a high level were all critically important success factors. In the course of his consulting, certain opportunities present that require his full time and attention. Recently, Doug became the Chief Commercial Officer at ARTMS Products, Inc., an exciting new medical technology still in its funding phase. Implement continues to serve customers with the principles established by Doug. Doug will continue consulting in a limited role while with clients in unrelated industries.

    Doug’s true passion is helping people grow and maximize their potential. He was fortunate to have an exceptional group of mentors and advocates during his career and he will continue to use his platform to help as many business professionals as possible. Whether it comes from his writing, speaking or customer relationships Doug’s first priority is to make those around him the best version of themselves.