1st Edition

Global Concepts for Young People Stories, Lessons, and Activities to Teach Children About Our World

By Becky Hunt Copyright 2018
    218 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    218 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    218 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    Learn how to teach global concepts and use them to increase critical thinking across the curriculum. In this new book from popular consultant Becky Hunt, you’ll get ready-to-use lesson plans, stories, and activities to help you teach five key global concepts—Change, Interdependence, Culture, Scarcity, and Power. Aligned with both the C3 Social Studies Framework and the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, these engaging lesson plans encourage critical thinking skills that will lead to increased creativity in problem solving.

    This book is an essential resource for teachers looking to:

    • Create a framework to teach young people global concepts that will help them analyze and understand the world.  
    • Present stories and lessons connected to real-world issues that inspire students to develop innovative solutions.
    • Engage students in lessons that will help them to understand and celebrate people from different cultures at home and around the world.    
    • Shape students into global citizens with an understanding of the world and a desire to bring about change.

    Special features include anchor stories, games, graphic organizers, and critical-thinking questions. Many of the tools are available as eResources on our website, www.routledge.com/9781138237940, so you can print and use them in your classroom immediately.

    1. Introduction to Global Concepts

    2. Change: It’s All Around Us

    3. Interdependence: How We All Live and Work Together

    4. Culture: Who We Are and How We Live in the World

    5. Scarcity: How We Balance the Earth and Its Resources

    6. Power: The Ability to Control Something or Someone Else

    7. Implementing Global Concepts in Your School



    Becky Hunt is an educator, educational consultant, and children’s author who has been the principal of both public and private schools. She specializes in teacher training and staff development, curriculum studies, international studies, balanced literacy, and leadership coaching and training. Her website is www.beckyhunt.net.

     "In Global Concepts for Young People, Becky Hunt provides a clear and insightful look at why and how teaching just five global concepts will give students a better understanding of and empathy for the world they live in today and hope for the world tomorrow. It provides students with a consistent approach to help them to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills across the curriculum. Hunt provides a rich tapestry of activities, stories, games, graphic organizers, and critical-thinking questions. This is authentic engaging learning at its best; a must for every teacher."

    --David Hinton, Education Consultant, Edtac Australia


    "This is a book important to all who feel the significance of global instruction but need the discourse to not only define what that means, with the five concepts, but immediately begin the process of transforming their classroom into one that embodies those concepts."

    --Kristen Painter, Vice President, Professional Learning, International Center for Leadership in Education


    "Global Concepts for Young People is a must for schools everywhere! Teachers will have tremendous resources to use to deepen global learning for all students. This is a difference maker for teachers teaching global competencies at all levels."

    -- Donn Tignanelli, Executive Vice President, ACCEL Schools

    "Becky Hunt is the perfect author/teacher for Global Concepts for Young People. Over the past fifteen plus years that I have known her, she has lived and experienced working with young people on global concepts and in international settings. In writing her book, she relies on the greatest of all teachers-experience. Starting as principal of Lincoln International Studies School, Kalamazoo, MI and moving to the diversity of a private school completely different from Lincoln, then traveling and leading at international schools in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia surely makes her an expert in her field. She continues her work as an author of children’s books and truly understands child development, literacy, staff development and curriculum. This is a wonderful curriculum guide for leaders and teachers in education interested in a relevant and critical subject for our next generation of global citizens. In my opinion, this type of curriculum should be mandatory if we are to prepare our youngsters for their world."

    --Janice M. Brown, Ed.D., Trustee and National Consultant, The Kalamazoo Promise, MI

    "Global Concepts for Young People:  Stories, Lessons and Activities to Teach Children About Our World focuses on the importance of global education and provides resources to begin teaching it in elementary classrooms. The activities provide for student voice and choice, and could easily be integrated into the K-5 school day through social studies, English language arts or social-emotional learning[...] If your school or district is looking to help children understand the world around them, this resource is a great way to get started."

    --Nancy Wagner, superintendent, River Trails School District 26, Mt. Prospect, Ill