1st Edition

Global Constructions of Multicultural Education Theories and Realities

Edited By Carl A. Grant, Joy L. Lei Copyright 2001
    418 Pages
    by Routledge

    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book tells us how various global regions are dealing with three major concerns within the field of multicultural education:
    *the conceptualization and realization of "difference" and "diversity";
    *the inclusion and exclusion of social groups within a definition of multicultural education; and
    *the effects of power on relations between and among groups identified under the multicultural education umbrella.

    All of the chapter authors pay attention to these themes, but, at the same time, they bring their particular interests and perspectives to the book, addressing issues, such as linguistic, racial, ethnic, and religious diversity; class; educational inequalities; teacher education; conceptualizations of citizenship; and questions of identity construction. In addition, the authors offer both historical and social contexts for their analytical discussion of the ideals and practices of multicultural education in a particular region.

    This is not a book that tells us about multicultural education with an international "twist"; it provides readers with different ways to think, talk, and do research about issues of "diversity," "difference," and the effects of power as they relate to education.

    Contents: J. Spring, Foreword. Preface. C. Allemann-Ghionda, Sociocultural and Linguistic Diversity, Educational Theory, and the Consequences for Teacher Education: A Comparative Perspective. D. Cahill, The Rise and Fall of Multicultural Education in the Australian Schooling System. S.D. Chakravarty, Multicultural Education in India. I. Dussel, What Can Multiculturalism Tell Us About Difference? The Reception of Multicultural Discourses in France and Argentina. C-M. Huang, Fashion or Compensation: The Developments of Multicultural Education in Taiwan. L. Huss, Language, Culture, and Identity in the Schools of Northern Scandinavia. Á.M. Hypolito, Multiracial Reality, White Data: The Hidden Relations of the Racial Democracy and Education in Brazil. C.E. James, Multiculturalism, Diversity, and Education in the Canadian Context: The Search for an Inclusive Pedagogy. J.L. Lei, C.A. Grant, Multicultural Education in the United States: A Case of Paradoxical Equality. M.A. Santos-Rego, S. Pérez-Domínguez, Intercultural Education in the European Union: The Spanish Case. J. Sarkin, Post-Apartheid Education in South Africa: Toward Multiculturalism or Anti-Racism. P. Swarts, L.O. Dahlström, Color Me Black, Color Me White: Teacher Education in the Aftermath of the Apartheid Era--In Search of a Critical Multicultural Perspective Among a Complexity of Contradictions. H. Tomlinson, International Perspectives on Education: The Response of the Mother Country. C.A. Torres, Education, Social Class, and Dual Citizenship: The Travails of Multiculturalism in Latin America. G. Williamson C.C. Montecinos, Addressing Equity and Social Justice Concerns in Chile's Formal and Informal Education: An Historical and Contemporary Analysis.


    Carl A. Grant, Joy L. Lei

    "Global Constructions is an invaluable source and contributes to discourses of multiculturalism and multicultural education. Cultural heterogeneity is a fact of life in modern societies and this book provides profound insights on how various educational institutions, the curriculum, and the school environment can be transformed to effectively meet the challenges of cultural plurality. Surely, disciplines such as education, sociology, psychology, and political science will find this book informative and helpful. We recommend it to students and scholars of cultural studies and social inequality, as well as to educators, pedagogues, policy makers, and social activists. Anyone who wants to understand the complex and multidimensional aspects of contemporary multicultural education will find it necessary to consult this book."
    Anthropology and Education Quarterly adm

    "Global Constructions of Multicultural Education: Theories and Realities confirms the global importance of multicultural issues....It contains international examples that can be used in developing policies and educational methods for resolving multicultural and multilingual issues."
    Joel Spring
    New School University, From the Foreword