1st Edition

Global Conversations in Literacy Research Digital and Critical Literacies

Edited By Peggy Albers Copyright 2018
    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this volume, renowned literacy and language education scholars who have shaped policy and practice aimed toward social justice and equity address current intellectual and practical issues in the teaching of literacy in classrooms and educational environments across diverse and international settings. Drawn from talks that were presented live and hosted by Global Conversations in Literacy Research (GCLR), an online open-access critical literacy project, this book provides access, in edited written form, to these scholars’ critically and historically situated talks. Bringing together talks on diverse topics—including digital and media literacy, video games, critical literacy, and ESOL—Albers preserves the scholars’ critical discourses to engage readers in the conversation. Offering a broad and expansive understanding of what literacy has to offer for scholars, teachers, and students, this book demonstrates the importance of positioning literacy as a social practice and brings critical literacy to a global audience.

    Chapter 1 Critical Literacy, School Improvement, and the Four Resources Model

    Allan Luke

    Chapter 2 What Do We Mean By Literacy Now: Critical Curricular Implications

    Jerome C. Harste Vivian Vasquez

    Chapter 3 Doing Critical Literacy

    Hilary Janks

    Chapter 4 Towards an Ecologically-Valid, Scientifically Rigorous, Theory of Learning-To-Read

    Brian Cambourne

    Chapter 5 Exploring Literacy and Identity at Multiple Timescales

    Catherine Compton-Lilly

    Chapter 6 Ethically Based Literacy Assessment Within a New Literacy Framework

    Sharon Murphy

    Chapter 7 How Affordances of Digital Tool Use Foster Critical Literacy

    Richard Beach

    Chapter 8 New Mobile Literacies

    Guy Merchant

    Chapter 9 Constructing the Child at Play: From the Schooled Child to Technotoddlers and Back Again

    Karen Wohlwend

    Chapter 10 Young Children’s Online Practices: Past, Present and Future

    Jackie Marsh

    Chapter 11 Books and Games

    James Paul Gee

    Chapter 12 Living in a Digital World: Literacy, Learning, and Videogames

    Catherine Beavis

    Chapter 13 (Im)Material Girls Living in (im)material Worlds: Identity Curation Through Time and Space

    Julia Davies

    Chapter 14 Identity, Investment, and Multilingual Literacy (in a Digital World)

    Bonny Norton

    Chapter 15 A Critical Untangling of Adolescents’ Literacy Practices and Popular Culture

    Donna Alvermann


    Peggy Albers is Professor of Language and Literacy Education at Georgia State University, USA. She is founder and director of the Global Conversations in Literacy Research series of literacy talks.

    "This text is a ‘must have’ for any literacy researcher, scholar, and student interested in critical literacy, digital literacy, and teacher professional development in global contexts. Each chapter offers cutting edge perspectives and insights from esteemed literacy researchers and theorists from around the world."

    --Amy Seely Flint, University of Louisville, USA

    "This is an outstanding text for a course focusing on socio-cultural aspects of language and literacy learning. The talks feature renowned literacy scholars who share cutting-edge research on topics such as critical literacy, digital literacies, multimodal learning, and more. Grounded in critical literacies and sociocultural perspectives, the variety of perspectives in this text will help students and scholars of language and literacy gain broader insight into current issues of importance within the field across global contexts."

    --Peggy Semingson, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA