1st Edition

Global Foodscapes Oppression and resistance in the life of food

By Alistair Fraser Copyright 2017
    184 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    184 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    What we eat – as well as how it is produced, processed, moved, sold, and used by our bodies seems to matter like never before. Global Foodscapes takes on this topicality and asks readers to think about how we are all involved in the making of an odd and, in many ways, troubling and contested food economy. It explores how food is conceived, traded, grown, reared, processed, sold, and consumed; investigates what goes wrong along the way; and assesses what diverse people around the world are doing to fix these faults.

    The text uses a carefully-crafted framework that explores the interaction of five forms of oppression and five means of resistance as they are worked out over five stages in the food economy. It draws on case studies from around the world that illuminate key issues about food in today's world; examines how oppression affects diverse people caught up in the food economy; and highlights how individuals, groups, and institutions such as governments, but also firms, are trying to improve how we interact with the food system.

    Global Foodscapes is a highly accessible and useful text for undergraduate students interested in the global food economy. The global range of case studies, examples, and reference points, as well as its original framework allows the text to speak to diverse audiences and generate debate about whether anything – and if so, what – needs to be done about the food system we depend upon so heavily. Additional materials such as suggested readings and discussion points help students consider the issues at hand and conduct initial and more detailed research on today's food economy.



    Chapter One: The world upstream of the farm

    Chapter Two: Agricultural foodscapes

    Chapter Three: Food processing

    Chapter Four: The foodscapes of selling of food

    Chapter Five: Food consumption



    Alistair Fraser is a Lecturer in the Department of Geography, Maynooth University, Ireland. His research is diverse in nature – cutting across political, economic, and cultural geography – and includes journal articles on land reform in South Africa, scale in political practice, and music.

    "With both insight and a point of view, Alistair Fraser provides a highly readable and informative primer to the world of food, from seed to bodily metabolism. Going beyond the usual treatise on the big, bad food system, and the anger it engenders, the author includes examples of resistance, designed to inspire hope, as well. Students will love its clarity and accessible prose; instructors will love its breadth and teachable organization." 

    Julie Guthman, Professor of Social Sciences, University of California at Santa Cruz, USA


    "Alistair Fraser captures the layered, deeply social, and always contested nature of what and how we eat. Written in a style that is provocative and playful, Global Foodscapes critiques food worlds while giving equal attention to spaces of resistance, thus giving readers hope for the future."

    Michael S. Carolan, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, Colorado State University, USA.