1st Edition

Global Health Impacts of Nanotechnology Law A Tool for Stakeholder Engagement

By Ilise L Feitshans Copyright 2018
    484 Pages 97 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    484 Pages 97 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    Small things add up: trillions of dollars of products applying nanotechnology have been marketed to consumers promising new medicines, strong packaging to protect goods from contamination, stronger eyelash mascara and long-lasting lipstick, construction materials for housing, cheaper energy, and new drugs to fight cancer.

    Nanotechnology applications to consumer products represent a huge slice of daily economic life, heralding a revolutionary age for science and technology. How can the benefits of nanotechnology be realized while protecting public health?

    Global Health Impacts of Nanotechnology Law: A Tool for Stakeholder Engagement fills a major void in legal, scientific policy discourse about nanotechnology for people who are curious about nanoscience, bioethics, and law. The pioneering, plain-language text of Dr. Ilise L. Feitshans, international health law scholar and former international civil servant, enables readers to move comfortably across disciplines and explore how nanotechnology can reshape both commerce and public health to improve daily life worldwide.

    Chapter 1. Big Questions about Defining Little Nanoparticles

    Chapter 2. Lessons Learned from the Legend of Asbestos

    Chapter 3. Global Health Impacts: Nanotechnology Fighting Cancer and Disability

    Chapter 4. Integrating Nanotechnology into International Law Protecting Health

    Chapter 5. Nanotechnology’s Opportunity to Revolutionize Health for All

    Chapter 6. Stakeholders One and All

    Chapter 7. Risk Governance for Regulatory Management of Nanotechnology

    Chapter 8. Bioethical Impacts of Nanotechnology: Transforming Disability into Health

    Chapter 9. Forethought Beats Afterthought

    Chapter 10. There Oughtta Be a Law


    Ilise L. Feitshans, international lawyer and former international civil servant at the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, obtained her master of science in public health from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, and doctorate in international relations from Geneva School of Diplomacy, Switzerland, in 2014. She is Fellow in Law of Nanotechnology at the European Scientific Institute, Archamps, France (affiliated with CERN and the University of Grenoble), and executive director of the Work Health and Survival Project. She is also a member of the US Supreme Court bar and was acting director of the Legislative Drafting Research Fund, Columbia University School of Law, New York, USA. Her pro bono activities include serving as legal advisor to the Greek National Platform on Nanomedicine, University of Aristotle, Thessaloniki, Greece, since 2015.

    Dr. Feitshans served as coordinatrice for the ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety in Geneva, Switzerland. A graduate cum laude of Barnard College of Columbia University, New York, USA, she was also visiting scientist at the Institute for Work and Health, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (2011–2014). She was honored among "100 Women Making a Difference in Safety, Health and Environment Professions" by the American Society of Safety Engineers in 2011 and received the Ms-JD.org Superwomen award in 2016. Her doctorate in international relations also won the best research prize in social medicine and prevention at the University of Lausanne in 2014.

    "This book fills a void in addressing the legal, social, and policy implications of nanotechnology from a global governance perspective. It makes the nanotechnology applications of daily life accessible to readers who are curious about this new scientific and legal field but do not have a doctorate in either aerosol physics or administrative law."

    John Howard

    Director, US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, USA


    "This is the first book to discuss the relation between law, regulation, and science in nanotechnology. Dr. Ilise L. Feitshans provides us with a clear view of how ‘nano’ can contribute to society in the near future."

    Shuji Tsuruoka

    Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, Shinshu University, Japan


    "In this book, the brilliant Ilise has made it possible for everyone to understand a complicated subject very easily. Bravo!"

    Laurence-Isaline Stahl Gretsch

    Museum of Natural History, Geneva, Switzerland


    "As the Managing Best Practices columnist for Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (www.ishn.com), a print and online publication for about 70,000 monthly subscribers, I'm always on the lookout for worthy information to help occupational health and safety pros do their jobs better. I was pleased to direct readers of the ISHN's May 2018 column on managing chemical exposures to Ilise Feitshans new book, Global Health Impacts of Nanotechnology Law: A Tool for Stakeholder Engagement. Ilise uses plain language, coupled with her broad and global experiences, to helpfully explain complex health and safety topics. To cut to the chase, Ilise's new book is the most insightful, enjoyable book on managing health effects of chemical exposures that I've read in my 35+ years working in the occupational health and safety field. But whether one has lengthy health experience or is just starting out and curious, science education or not, Ilise's book is a must-read if you're a ‘stakeholder,’ which we all are with the revolution of nanomaterials into all aspects of our daily life. I highly enjoyed Ilise's book. It’s a hardcover keeper and gets my 5-star review! Brilliant writing!"

    Daniel S. Markiewicz, MS, CIH, CSP, RMP

    President, Markiewicz & Associates Ltd., Toledo, OH, USA