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Global Horizons

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We live in a moment that urgently calls for a reframing, reconceptualizing, and reconstituting of the political, cultural and social practices that underpin the enterprises of international relations.

While contemporary developments in international relations are focused upon highly detailed and technical matters, they also demand an engagement with the broader questions of history, ethics, culture and human subjectivity.

GLOBAL HORIZONS is dedicated to examining these broader questions.

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The Colonial Art of Demonizing Others A Global Perspective

The Colonial Art of Demonizing Others: A Global Perspective

1st Edition

By Esther Lezra
October 26, 2017

 The Colonial Art of Demonizing Others examines European mistranslations and misrepresentations of black freedom dreams and self-activity as monstrous in the period of modern imperial consolidation –roughly from 1750 to 1848. This book argues that Europe’s archives of self-understanding are ...

Out of Line Essays on the Politics of Boundaries and the Limits of Modern Politics

Out of Line: Essays on the Politics of Boundaries and the Limits of Modern Politics

1st Edition

By R.B.J. Walker
September 17, 2015

A collection of essays on the politics of boundaries, this book addresses a broad range of cases, some geographical, some legal, and some involving less tangible practices of inclusion and exclusion. The book begins by exploring the boundary between modern Western forms of international relations ...

Politics of Difference Epistemologies of Peace

Politics of Difference: Epistemologies of Peace

1st Edition

By Hartmut Behr
August 26, 2015

This book develops a notion of differences and 'otherness' beyond hegemonic and hierarchical thinking as represented by the legacies of Western philosophical and political thought. In doing so, it relates to the phenomenological discourse of the twentieth century, especially to Georg Simmel, Alfred...

Humanitarian Intervention and Legitimacy Wars Seeking Peace and Justice in the 21st Century

Humanitarian Intervention and Legitimacy Wars: Seeking Peace and Justice in the 21st Century

1st Edition

By Richard Falk
August 11, 2014

In the aftermath of the Cold War there has been a dramatic shift in thinking about the maintenance of peace and security on a global level. This shift is away from a preoccupation with how to prevent major wars between sovereign states to a preoccupation about non-state transnational warfare and ...

Rethinking Refugees Beyond State of Emergency

Rethinking Refugees: Beyond State of Emergency

1st Edition

By Peter Nyers
January 05, 2006

Rethinking Refugees: Beyond State of Emergency examines the ways in which refugees have been made objects of the complex discourse, practices, and strategies of humanitarianism making visible the link between our knowledge of refugees and questions about the changing status of political power, ...

(Re)Imagining Humane Global Governance

(Re)Imagining Humane Global Governance

1st Edition

By Richard Falk
October 04, 2013

In this important and path-breaking book, esteemed scholar and public intellectual Richard Falk explores how we can re-imagine the system of global governance to make it more ethical and humane. Divided into three parts, this book firstly scrutinizes the main aspects of Global Governance including...

Beyond the Global Culture War

Beyond the Global Culture War

1st Edition

By Adam K. Webb
February 23, 2006

"Beyond the Global Culture War" presents a cross-cultural critique of global liberalism and argues for a broad-based challenge that can meet it on its own scale. Adam Webb is one of our most exciting and original young scholars, and this book is certain to generate many new debates. This timely ...

Ideas to Die For The Cosmopolitan Challenge

Ideas to Die For: The Cosmopolitan Challenge

1st Edition

By Giles Gunn
March 18, 2013

Cosmopolitanism and Its Discontents seeks to address the kinds of challenges that cosmopolitan perspectives and practices face in a world organized increasingly in relation to a proliferating series of global absolutisms – religious, political, social, and economic. While these challenges are often...

Human Rights and Private Wrongs Constructing Global Civil Society

Human Rights and Private Wrongs: Constructing Global Civil Society

1st Edition

By Alison Brysk
January 13, 2005

Human Rights and Private Wrongs breaks new ground by considering a series of fascinating issues that are normally ignored by human rights specialists because they are too "private" to consider as policy issues: children's labor migration; refugee policy towards unaccompanied minors; financial ...

The Declining World Order America's Imperial Geopolitics

The Declining World Order: America's Imperial Geopolitics

1st Edition

By Richard Falk
July 08, 2004

This work delineates the impact of terrorism--and the American response--on the basic structure of international relations, the dimming prospects for global reform and the tendency to override the role of sovereign territorial states. Falk examines the changing role of the state, the relevance of ...

After the Globe, Before the World

After the Globe, Before the World

1st Edition

By R.B.J. Walker
September 21, 2009

This book explores the implications of claims that the most challenging political problems of our time express an urgent need to reimagine where and therefore what we take politics to be. It does so by examining the relationship between modern forms of politics (centred simultaneously within ...

The Liberal Way of War Killing to Make Life Live

The Liberal Way of War: Killing to Make Life Live

1st Edition

By Michael Dillon, Julian Reid
February 20, 2009

The liberal way of war and the liberal way of rule are correlated; this book traces that correlation to liberalism's original commitment to 'making life live'. Committed to making life live, liberalism is committed to waging war on behalf of life, specifically to promote the biopolitical life of ...

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