1st Edition

Globalizing China – Social and Governance Reforms

By Ka Ho Mok Copyright 2023
    226 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    226 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Unlike most books which consider China’s transformation and globalization over the last four decades by focusing on China’s economic growth, this book examines how the Chinese regime has handled the increasingly complex sociopolitical and socio-economic challenges generated as a result of the country’s economic growth and transformation, challenges arising both from within the country and also from the external political environment. Based on extensive original research, the book outlines how China’s economic development has generated social and governance pressures, discusses the government’s social, educational, and governance reforms, and highlights how China’s development experiences, which differ from the Western economies with democratic political regimes, have drawn increasing attention from other countries in the developing world as an example to follow.


    1. Diplomatic Activism for Global Leadership: China’s Approaches to Promoting Soft Power and Soft Security

    2. China’s Three-Pronged Approach Managing the New Geo-Politics in International Higher Education

    3. Responses to Global Capitalism: The Marketization and Privatization of Higher Education and University Governance

    4. Does International Education Matter?: Studying Overseas, Job Acquisition and Graduate Employment

    5. Questing for a Vibrant World-class City Cluster: Opportunities and Challenges for Developing the Greater Bay Area

    6. Social Policy Expansion and Welfare Regime(s) in Transition: Productivist Construction of Selective Welfare Capitalism in China

    7. Similar Policy Agenda, Diverse Policy Practices: Government Procurement of Social Services and Social Governance Reforms

    8. Enhancing Public Sector Management through Social Service Delivery Reforms: Implementation Challenges and Policy Implications

    9. International Benchmarking with Chinese Characteristics: National Adaptations to Transnational Policy Learning



    Ka Ho Mok is Vice-President and concurrently Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of Comparative Policy at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China.

    'What a crucial book this is! Ka Ho Mok has brought China’s social policy, higher education and global strategy to the world. China’s governance, society and economy, which are immensely complex, will be seminal to the human future, as significant as the Euro-American countries and also different in important ways. Understanding the dynamism of China’s achievements, which began in massive poverty and continue to be subject to geopolitical containment, taking in both the general lessons and the specifically Chinese characteristics, is crucial to all of us. Professor Mok’s clear thinking and wide vision is in the tradition of the best scholarly-practical work.'

    Simon Marginson, Professor of Higher Education, University of Oxford and Director of the ESRC/RE Centre for Global Higher Education, UK

    'We need to understand Global China’s many forms. This important and timely book does much of that work for us.'

    Anthony Welch, Professor of Education, University of Sydney, Australia

    'This is by far the most important book that has been written on the social policy and governance responses to globalization in China. Professor Ka Ho Mok's world leading expertise provides important new insights into both recent and historical developments which go beyond the usual narrow globalization focus on international trade and the economy.'

    David Gordon, FBA FRSA, UK