1st Edition

Going Comprehensive in England and Wales A Study of Uneven Change

    The transition of British secondary schools from predominantly selective to predominantly comprehensive was meant to transform a highly stratified system into a more equal one. However, this study shows that the new system was in fact highly diverse and retained features of the selective system.

    Times Education Supplement- "This is an intriguing, highly informative book....Detailed case studies of how 10 Local Authorities "broke out" from selection make the book especially valuable. The cases are well chosen."

    British Journal of Educational Studies-"This well-produced and richly-documented work is the outcome of a research project entitiled "When a Society Changes its School System: the Introduction of Comprehensive Schools in Great Britain."

    History of Education Review -" This book has a number of strengths. It provides readers with some interesting and new sources of data, explores the machinations of LEAs, re-examines the nature and function of comprehensive seconday schools, and draws implications for current policy directions...In all, the book will prove a valuable read for those interested in the past and future of comprehensive schooling


    David Crook, Len Fogel man, Alan C. Kerckhoff, David Reeder