1st Edition

Going Global in the World Language Classroom Ideas, Strategies, and Resources for Teaching and Learning With the World

By Erin Austin Copyright 2024
    190 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    190 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    190 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    With this practical resource, you’ll learn how to promote global readiness and build international connections in the world language classroom. Master educator Erin E.H. Austin shares original strategies to facilitate productive language learning and demonstrates how to foster a rigorous, inclusive, and enriching environment. Designed to improve student motivation and engagement, the book is a shift from teaching about the world to teaching with the world. You’ll come away with plenty of inspiring and effective ways to not only invite the world into the classroom but also bring the classroom to the world and, in so doing, support an inviting classroom environment.

    The book abounds with low-cost, ready-to-implement tools, activities, and lesson ideas. The approaches in this book include coordinating international and world language events at school, using online resources to connect students to new languages and cultures, and broadening student horizons through books and podcasts. Austin also offers ways that further develop students’ global education through travel and study abroad opportunities. With this book, your students will become culturally literate, motivated language learners who will be ready to enter the global community and continue to learn from and with the world.


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    Section 1: The Case for a Global Connection Plan

    Chapter 1: Understanding Global Education

    Chapter 2: Creating a Global Connection Plan

    Section 2: Leveraging Lower-Cost Options

    Chapter 3: Hosting

    Chapter 4: World Language Storytime

    Chapter 5: World Language Day at _____

    Chapter 6: Empatico

    Chapter 7: ePals

    Chapter 8: International Events in an International Baccalaureate Setting

    Chapter 9: International Student Panel

    Chapter 10: Video Options

    Chapter 11: Podcasts

    Chapter 12: Window Swap

    Chapter 13: City Walks

    Chapter 14: News in Slow _____

    Chapter 15: Sustainable Development Goal Units

    Section 3: Leveraging Higher-Cost Options

    Chapter 16: Student Trips Abroad

    Chapter 17: Concordia Language Villages

    Chapter 18: Global Literature

    Chapter 19: Global Volunteers and Global Leaders

    Chapter 20: CIEE High School Summer Study Abroad

    Chapter 21: Virtual Reality

    Chapter 22: Forging Your Own Path

    Section 4: The Way Forward

    Chapter 23: Increasing Our Own Global Competence

    Chapter 24: Converting the Naysayers

    Chapter 25: Igniting the Spark



    Erin E.H. Austin is a National Board Certified French teacher, a 2018 NEA Foundation Global Fellow, and the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers' 2023 Teacher of the Year.

    "Educators will find this text as a useful guide for promoting engagement with local and global language communities, centering equity and cross-cultural understanding, and preparing students to be globally competent change agents—all while supporting language proficiency goals. This innovative, accessible, and practical text is sure to challenge, encourage, and inspire educators as they imagine the possibilities of a global education within their teaching contexts."

    --L. J. Randolph Jr., Ed.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    "Erin Austin’s excellent work in explaining global education's real essence is commendable. This concept needs to be more understood in today's times, where classrooms are becoming increasingly diverse. [Her book] is a crucial read for individuals seeking to enhance their global competence."

    --Sheldon L. Eakins, Ph.D., Founder of the Leading Equity Center and Host of the Leading Equity Podcast

    "Get ready to ... ‘change the world.’ Going Global in the World Language Classroom will ignite a spark in you to challenge your current understanding of global education and what it means to bring global competence to the classroom. With humility and empathy, Erin E. H. Austin presents the need for global perspectives and provides tools to support global readiness. Discover educators' and students' inspiring first-hand experiences and explore ways to bring global perspectives to your school. Your classroom will never be the same." 

    --Sara A. Sneed, President & CEO, The NEA Foundation