1st Edition

Green Tea Health Benefits and Applications

By Yukihiko Hara Copyright 2001

    A comprehensive overview of the inherent properties, chemical and biochemical functions, actions for lowering the risks of cardiovascular and infectious diseases and cancers, and underlying mechanisms of tea polyphenols. It reveals the bioantimutagenic potency of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) found in green tea.

    An introduction to the history of tea; biosynthesis of tea catechins; fermentation of tea; methods of extracting polyphenolic constituents of tea; antioxidative action of tea polyphenols; radical scavenging action; antibacterial action; MRSA; anticariogenic action; antiviral action of tea polyphenols; prevention of cancer by tea polyphenols; lipid lowering effects; hypoglycaemic action of tea polyphenols; hypotensive action of tea polyphenols; effects on intestinal flora; the fate of tea catechins after oral intake; efficacy of the health benefits of black tea or black tea polyphenols; toxicology; practical and industrial applications; tea in Japan.


    Yukihiko Hara

    "This book … is an update of all the recent and new research into tea. There is increasing scientific validation of the health benefits of green tea. … This book elaborates on the significance of fermentation processes in green and black teas. What did the Chinese of yester-year know then that has taken us so long to appreciate?"
    - Food & Beverage Reporter, June 2004
    "From the Foreword. . . . . .We owe a debt to Dr. Y. Hara. . .for providing a detailed treatise on this topic which particularly emphasizes the significant health benefits to be gained by the oral intake of tea catechins....his discussion of their practical utility is sure to be of interest not only to those in tea and health sectors, but also in other diverse industries where possibilities for utilizing tea catechins exist. Dr. Hara is one of the world's experts on the manifold aspects of tea and health, and we are indebted to him to take the time to enrich us by sharing his vast knowledge with us. "
    ---John H. Weisburger, Ph.D., M.D. American Health Foundation Valhalla, New York