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1st Edition

Grid Resource Management Toward Virtual and Services Compliant Grid Computing

    ISBN 9781420074048
    306 Pages 55 B/W Illustrations
    Published September 22, 2008 by CRC Press

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    Grid technology offers the potential for providing secure access to remote services, thereby promoting scientific collaborations in an unprecedented scale. Grid Resource Management: Toward Virtual and Services Compliant Grid Computing presents a comprehensive account of the architectural issues of grid technology, such as security, data management, logging, and aggregation of services, as well as related technologies.

    After covering grid usages, grid systems, and the evolution of grid computing, the book discusses operational issues associated with web services and service-oriented architecture. It also explores technical and business topics relevant to data management, the development and characteristics of P2P systems, and a grid-enabled virtual file system (GRAVY) that integrates underlying heterogeneous file systems into a unified location-transparent file system of the grid. The book covers scheduling algorithms, strategies, problems, and architectures as well as workflow management systems and semantic technologies. In addition, the authors describe how to deploy scientific applications into a grid environment. They also explain grid engineering and grid service programming.

    Examining both data and execution management in grid computing, this book chronicles the current trend of grid developments toward a more service-oriented approach that exposes grid protocols using web services standards.

    An Overview of Grid Computing
    Classifying grid usages
    Classifying grid systems
    Evolution of grid computing

    Grid Computing and Web Services
    Web services
    Web services protocols and technology
    Grid services

    Data Management in Grid Environments
    The scientific challenges
    Major data grid efforts today
    Data management challenges in grid environments
    Overview of existing solutions

    Peer-to-Peer Data Management
    Defining peer-to-peer
    Data location and routing algorithms
    Shortcomings and improvements of P2P systems

    Grid-Enabled Virtual File Systems
    Data access problems in the grid
    Related work
    GRAVY: GRid-enAbled Virtual file sYstem
    Architectural issues
    Use cases
    Experimental results

    Scheduling Grid Services
    Scheduling algorithms and strategies
    Service discovery
    Resource information
    Data-intensive service scheduling
    Fault tolerant

    Workflow Design and Portal
    Management systems
    Workflow specification languages
    Scheduling and rescheduling
    Portal integration
    A case study on the use of workflow technologies for scientific analysis

    Semantic Web
    Semantic grid
    Semantic web services
    Semantic matching of web services
    Semantic workflow

    Integration of Scientific Applications

    Potential for Engineering and Scientific Computations
    Grid applications
    Grid projects
    Grid service programming

    Future for grid computing



    Concluding Remarks and References appear at the end of each chapter.

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