1st Edition

Groupwork for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Ages 11-16 An Integrated Approach

    272 Pages
    by Speechmark

    This book includes a short, easy-to-read theoretical background to ASD focusing on the underlying impairments and their impact on sensory processing, motor development, play, language and communication skills, social skills, emotional development and behaviour for the relevant age group. Each developmental area is intrinsically linked and progress in one aspect of development is dependent on progress in another so a multi-disciplinary approach is essential. All the books examine the role of various individual professionals while emphasising the need to develop a multi-disciplinary approach combining their areas of expertise. The book also describes a multi-disciplinary approach to groupwork providing practical advice and photocopiable resources to enable readers to: assess individual needs; organise groups (including group members, venue and transport); set individual group targets; plan group sessions (examples of activities for each developmental area are provided); and, evaluate progress. It offers ideas for developing good teamwork, including peer review, and working towards a trans-disciplinary approach where professionals can step into each others' roles where appropriate. This title features 256pp, A4, and it is wire-o-bound. It is suitable for children of ages 11-16.

    List of activities List of community visits Acknowledgements Introduction 1. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? 2. Working in a team 3. Assessment 4. Planning a group 5. Running a group 6. Keeping records 7. Activities 8. Community visits Appendices Recommended reading References


    Christina Howe, Alyson Eggett, Kerrie old, Liz Ann Davidson