1st Edition

Growth and Decay of Coral Reefs Fifty Years of Learning

By Peter J. Vine Copyright 2024
    194 Pages 100 Color & 25 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    194 Pages 100 Color & 25 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Growth and Decay of Coral Reefs: Fifty Years of Learning describes how coral reefs have alternately flourished and declined over the last 50 years and the dynamics of these changes. The study is based on recordings at 30 different locations along the Sudanese coast, visited by the author between 1971 and 1973.

    Beyond the Red Sea's desert shores lie some of the richest and most diverse coral reefs on our planet. Over a thousand species of reef fishes, matched by a similar abundance of living corals, creating habitats scientists were only just beginning to understand. The complexity of the inter-relations was truly mesmerizing. A single intervention, such as removal of a key species, could cause the whole community to collapse. Healthy corals were transformed into green weed-smothered reefs, accompanied by the loss of both corals and fish.

    Based on the author’s observations of how knowledge and perspectives have changed over the last 50 years, this book highlights lessons learned from historical records that may help maintain and reestablish coral reefs in the years to come.

    Topics covered include:


    Fish surveys



    Coral growth rates

    Coral distribution

     Corals on 'Cousteau garage'



    Climate change

    Coral bleaching

    Coral diseases

    Coral sponges

    Terpios hoshinota

    Coral predators

    Coral urchins





    and more . . .

    1. Introduction  2. Hydrography  3. Reef Conservation  Section 1: Fish  4. Fish Surveys  5. Fish Recorded at Reef Sites  6. Fish in Suakin Harbour  7. Fish In Dungonab Bay  8. Fish on Cousteau’s Garage  Section 2: Corals  9. Coral Habitats: Building Sites and Graveyards  10. Sea Urchins’ Impacts on Coral Reefs  11. Coral Communities  12. Coral-Killing Sponges  13. Other Coral Killers  14. Coral Bleaching  15. Growth and Distribution of Corals on Cousteau's Underwater Garage  Section 3: Turf Wars  16. Ecological Impact of CCA, Filamentous Algae and Grazing Fish  17. Sponging on Coral  Section 4: Underwater Recording  18. Port Sudan  19. Suakin Region  20. Dungonab Bay  21. MV. Mani  22. Towartit Reefs  23. Mesharifa Island  24. Shambaya Island  25. Wingate Barrier Reef  26. Sanganeb Reef  27. Shaab Rumi  28. Discussion 


    Peter J. Vine is a marine biologist and author with special interests in coral reef ecology, marine conservation, photography, and film-making. An adjunct lecturer at the National University of Ireland, Galway, he established one of the country’s first commercial fish farms – a move that led to activities in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Returning to Ireland, a series of authorship commissions led to the establishment of three media companies involved in book publishing, film production, and project development in support of a series of award-winning national pavilions at World Expos in Spain, China, South Korea, and Italy. Peter is married to Paula and has three daughters, Catriona, Sinead, and Megan, all of whom, with their respective partners, live and work in Ireland.