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    by CRC Press

    While the war on drugs continues to attract world attention, it is often overlooked that alcoholism remains a major worldwide health concern. No matter what your expertise, the CRC Handbook of Alcoholism can help you acquire the necessary skills to treat problem drinkers and alcohol-dependent patients.
    In three sections - Patient Care, Research, and Useful Data and Definitions - this comprehensive handbook not only addresses the underlying psychological problems of alcoholism, but helps you to better diagnose and treat the nonpsychiatric medical disorders caused by the disease.

    Unassisted Emergency Management of Acute Alcohol Intoxication
    Screening and Diagnosis
    First Contact and Early Intervention
    Natural History
    Laboratory Parameters
    Psychometric Screening Instruments
    Acute Treatment
    Acute Alcohol Intoxication
    Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
    Alcohol-Induced Psychotic Disorders
    Treatment of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence
    Overview and Outlook
    Adolescent Patients
    Geriatric Patients
    Primary Care Setting
    Treatment of Non-Psychiatric Alcohol-Related Disorders
    Nervous System
    Gastrointestinal System and Pancreas
    Cardiovascular System
    Kidney and Electrolyte Disturbances
    Immune System
    Endocrine Disorders
    Vitamin Deficiencies, Zinc Deficiency, and Anaphylactic Reactions
    Alcohol Embryopathy
    Pathogenesis of Alcoholic Liver Disease
    Harmful Alcohol Consumption
    Psychometric Instruments to Evaluate Outcome in Alcoholism Treatment
    Meta-Analysis of Pharmacotherapeutic Trials
    Calculating a Meta-Analysis on Your Own
    Patient-to-Treatment Matching
    Molecular Pharmacology and Neuroanatomy
    Behavioral Pharmacology
    Controversial Research Areas
    Physicochemical Properties of Ethanol
    How to Calculate Maximum Blood Alcohol Levels After A Drinking Event
    Basic Pharmacokinetics of Ethanol
    Drug Interactions With Alcohol
    Definitions of a "Standard Drink"
    Harmful Alcohol Consumption
    DSM-IV and ICD-10 Definitions of Alcohol
    Alphabetical List of Psychometric Instruments Including Validated Translations
    Useful (Internet) Addresses
    Abbreviations Used
    Alcohol of Common Drinks and Unit Conversion Table


    Gerald Zernig, Consultant, Innsbruck, Austria. Alois Saria, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria. Martin Kurz, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria. Stephanie O'Malley, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut.

    "There is no comparable guide to the merits of different cognitive tests, which remains a gap in many texts concerned with alcohol-related problems. This book will find a very valuable place in the library of hospitals and clinics that work with individuals who have drinking problems. It is perhaps most useful for the information it contains about the biological and clinical aspects of alcohol and its advice about pharmacological therapies. In this respect, it deserves to be widely available as a source for reference and guidance."
    Alcohol and Alcoholism

    "This thorough and current book is well laid out and easy to read. Its use of quick-reference tables on the inside covers and the useful data and definitions section present pertinent information in a readily accessible manner important to busy primary care physicians"
    -Doody Publishing

    "...this is a most useful monograph for the practical information that it contains and for its summary of the main areas of research. This monograph will be a useful reference source for all hospital and academic libraries."
    -Human Psychopharmacology and Clinical Exp, 2001; 16:429-432